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End of an era: Toshiba will shutter U.S. TV division [Update]

Under increased pressure from competition, Toshiba announces the company will be pulling out of the North American TV market completely.

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Mortal Kombat X’s fatalities are too much for Conan O’Brien and Marshawn Lynch

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch did battle in the unreleased Mortal Kombat X with Conan O'Brien officiating.


Prynt’s instant photo and augmented reality wonder now on Kickstarter

A startup called Prynt wants to inject a little more shareable fun into things with a smartphone case that prints photos in about 30 seconds. It also has the ability to instantly turn physical photos into videos.

Cool Tech

Paying too much? 5 unknown wireless carriers that could cut your bill in half

There's a certain piece of mind that goes along with no-contract cellphone carriers and prepaid, month-to-month plans. Check out our roundup of some of the best carriers if you're looking to ditch Sprint or Verizon for something with less of a commitment.


Here are our favorite ads from this year’s Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is great whether you like the game or the ads. This year's game will follow the established (and successful) formula, with ads trying to win over our hearts and grab our money. Here are the latest and greatest we've seen so far.

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Aziz Ansari brings his latest comedy special to Netflix in March

On March 6, a live stand-up comedy special from Aziz Ansari at Madison Square Garden will stream on Netflix.

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‘Where we’re going, we don’t need roads, but we do need racetracks…’

In a video released by McLaren, Formula 1 drivers Jensen Button and Fernando Alonso recreate the opening scene of Back to the Future. The car is no longer a DeLorean, but a McLaren 650S, kitted with time travel tech for which the drivers use to see the start…


Jay-Z dives into the streaming music business, as Spotify looks for more cash

Jay Z may be taking on Dr. Dre, Beats, and Spotify with new streaming music service Tidal, which he's reportedly placed a multi-million dollar bid to acquire.


Banshee’s Hoon Lee plays the most badass cross-dressing hacker you’ll ever meet

Hoon Lee, the ass-kicking, cross-dressing hacker star of Showtime's killer series Banshee, talks to Digital Trends about gender roles, transvestites, and just where he found the character's unique voice.

Movies & TV

February’s PlayStation Plus games features beautiful indies Transistor and Apotheon

The latest round of free games on PS Plus includes, Transistor, Rogue Legacy, Thief, Yakuza 4, Apotheon, and Kick & Fennick, across PS3, PS4, and Vita.


Be your own American Sniper in February’s Xbox Games with Gold

Settle in for the back stretch of winter with these free Games with Gold coming to Xbox Live Gold subscribers for free in February.


LG rectified Snapdragon 810’s overheating issues, so the G Flex 2 and G4 will stay on track

During its recent earnings conference, LG revealed that the company did bump into some initial problems with the Snapdragon 810 processor. However, it rectified them and as a result, the upcoming G Flex 2 and G4 will launch as scheduled.


Destiny’s game-breaking heavy ammo bug due for a fix in February

A long-running Destiny bug that causes reserve ammo supplies to diminish after every respawn is set to be fixed before the end of February, Bungie confirms.


First TV spot for Avengers: Age of Ultron packs a lot of action into 30 seconds

The first TV spot for Marvel Studios' upcoming film Avengers: Age Of Ultron packs a lot of action into a 30-second preview of the sequel to The Avengers.

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