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Hasselblad CEO: Zoom lenses are coming for X1D medium-format camera

Hasselblad's CEO has stepped in to quell the rumor that the new X1D mirrorless medium-format camera would not get native zoom lenses. Although he offered no hints as to what zoom lenses were planned, he did confirm none would be announced…
Health & Fitness

CDC and WHO recommend no unprotected sex for six months after Zika infection

Scientists are transferring funds from other programs to study Zika. The initial concern is how long Zika remains in semen. After Zika was found in semen 62 days after infection, condom use was recommended for six months after infection.

Mature but not boring, Audi's S5 Coupe is a CEO with a wingsuit in his closet

Audi’s 2017 S5 coupe treads the fine line between exuberant boy racer and staid luxury car, and some-how ends up nailing both.

Spotify and Senator Elizabeth Warren call out Apple as streaming music bully

Things are getting political in the streaming music world, as Spotify and Senator Elizabeth Warren have both leveled similar criticisms against the tech company's "unfair" App Store policies.
DT Daily

Apple wants to bust your bootlegs by blocking iPhone video recording at concerts 2:43

Apple is working on infrared-based technology that would shut down iPhone video recording while at live music or movie events. A patent shows that both Apple and Google are working on similar technology designed to reduce piracy.

Eyefi issues ‘end of life’ statement for its older Wi-Fi cards due to outdated tech

Eyefi recently let its longtime customers know that they would have to upgrade or be left behind. The company is ending support for its older SD cards that use outdated technology, hoping to move users to its new Mobi cards.
Cool Tech

A DIY laser bazooka is the most terrifyingly awesome thing you’ll see today

“I get a lot of good comments from people who love this kind of thing, but also some negative ones from people who think I’m crazy and that I’m going to blow myself up,” creator Drake Anthony tells Digital Trends.
Virtual Reality

Watch the Rio Olympic games in stunning VR, but only if you have the right headset

This year, you can experience the Olympics a little differently than you have in the past -- in virtual reality. NBC will be streaming certain events in VR, including track and field, volleyball, and others.
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Watch a Bourne-again Matt Damon prank passers-by for charity

Matt Damon seems like a stand-up guy, but he's not above a good-natured prank every now and then. Watch the actor pose as super spy Jason Bourne and hand out fake secret missions to unsuspecting civilians for charity.

Final ‘Splatoon’ Splatfest event pits Callie against Marie

Splatoon's sixteenth Splatfest will be its last, as Nintendo announced that the final community event for its ink-slinging Wii U third-person shooter will take place worldwide in July.

AT&T responds to T-Mobile Tuesdays with ‘Thanks’ rewards program

AT&T's Thanks rewards program is kicking off with a buy-one-get-one-free movie ticket deal, plus exclusive concert ticket presales in the fall. The carrier said additional, "surprise" benefits are on the way.

New pigment, a beautiful shade of non-fading blue, discovered by accident

In a stroke of genius and luck, Oregon State University (OSU) scientists managed to create a beautiful new shade of blue that doesn't fade and is non-toxic, and could have huge implications for energy efficiency.