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Here’s what’s new on Netflix in December, and what’s going away 2:18

Here's a complete list of what's new on Netflix for December, and which titles will be removed this month, to help you catch up on all your binging and make sure you don't miss those titles heading into the ether.

Adele says Hello to a world record with 2.43 million albums sold in four days

Pop phenom Adele's album 25 breaks the first week's sales record, set by *NSync in 2000 with No Strings Attached, with 2.433 million sold in four days. Industry execs predict she'll sell 2.9 million records by week's end.
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Amazon Instant Video lands in Jet Blue planes for free this week

Jet Blue planes will offer Amazon Prime subscribers free in-flight TV and movie streaming from Amazon Prime Instant Video, as well as free Amazon Prime music streaming, rolling out in 150 Jet Blue planes in time for Thanksgiving.
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DT Daily: Jeff Bezos lands a rocket 1:34

After watching Elon Musk's repeated unsuccessful attempts to land a rocket, Jeff Bezos gets it right on the first try and makes it look easy.

This is how you should shop on Black Friday, according to Google

This new font of wisdom from Google provides some pretty incredible insights as to when to shop, where to shop, and of course, how to plan ahead. So without further ado, here are a few pro tips to help you do Black Friday better.

Samsung smartwatch sales are up ‘several hundred percent’ compared to last year

Samsung might not be doing so well in the mobile industry, but its smartwatch sales are up "several hundred percent" compared to last year, according to one executive. That might be due to the Gear S2's massive popularity in South Korea.

11 of Fallout 4’s best weapons and where to find them 3:07

Fallout 4's wasteland can be a really tough place without a solid weapon (or three) at your side. Here are 11 of the best in the game and where to find them.

AMD’s new Crimson driver revolutionizes the Radeon’s desktop graphics back-end 1:48

AMD is looking to shake up its driver game with the release of its first Crimson Edition drivers. They bring not only a wholly revamped user interface, but big performance improvements in popular games.
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Australia’s most populous state just made it illegal to possess plans for 3D printed guns

The Australian state of New South Wales has made it illegal to possess plans for 3D printed guns, and violators could face up to 14 years in prison for running afoul of the law.

New York is using an anti-terror app to keep its people safe

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a new mobile app effort called See Something, Send Something designed to bolster New York's "ability to fight terrorism." The app app allow users to send tips to law enforcement officials.

Germany investigates Volkswagen for tax evasion related to CO2 understatement

Volkswagen is under investigation for tax evasion in Germany, relating to understatements of CO2 emissions the company recently admitted to. CO2 emissions determine the rate of taxation in Germany.