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Cool Tech

Not your average table: Genetic algorithms and 3D printing set this furniture apart

The Rio furniture line uses 3D printing and evolutionary algorithms to give each items its own unique flourish. If you like good design and cutting-edge tech, this is the table and chairs for you.
Virtual Reality

‘Rock Band VR’ first-person rhythm game compatible with legacy guitar controllers

Rock Band series developer Harmonix showcased a new version of its in-development virtual reality experience Rock Band VR this week, revealing that the finished product will be compatible with legacy guitar peripherals when it ships later…

Will Alexa be jealous? Google Home is basically a Chromecast, may cost $129

Google wants to take on Amazon Echo's voice assistant, Alexa, with Google Home. Resembling Google's OnHub wireless router, the device is essentially a $129 Chromecast with a bunch of new tricks.

Report: Google urges companies to make Google Home copies to bolster its Assistant

It looks like Google isn't too worried about the success of the Google Home hardware -- what it really wants is for the software inside of it to do well. The company is reportedly encouraging other companies to build their own Google Home…

Are Apple, Sharp partnering on OLED displays for 2017 edition of the iPhone?

Apple's iPhone 7 was just released, but iPhone 7S and even iPhone 8 rumors are already heating up the internet. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone 7S and what we have heard so far about the iPhone 8.
Virtual Reality

Tilt Brush for the HTC Vive now lets you paint on your own face in virtual reality

The team behind Tilt Brush isn't resting on their laurels. They have teased a handful of new features for the popular VR painting app, including multiplayer, poseable manikins, and a magic brush that peels back reality.
Cool Tech

City VR will give you a giant's perspective of the world's biggest cities

Ever dreamed of getting your Godzilla or Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on and stalking through a city, towering high above its buildings? Now you can, thanks to the wonders of virtual reality.
Social Media

Keyword launched by Google as aggregator for many (but not all) of its blogs

Google's sprawling web of official corporate blogs just became a little easier to wrangle. The company has launched Keyword, an searchable aggregator of all of its major announcements.

The biggest changes to Audi’s all-new Q5 go beneath the surface

Audi has revealed its second generation Q5 compact crossover at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The new Q5 gets a mild redesign and upgraded technology.

Nintendo Mini Classic will let you save games wherever, whenever you like

As we get older, finding the time to game is harder, so the ability to save games is really important. When Nintendo launches the Mini Classic in November, you'll be able to save wherever and whenever you like.
Movies & TV

‘Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children' is Tim Burton's X-Men

The big-screen adaptation of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children hits all the right notes for a Tim Burton movie.

Microsoft booting apps from Windows Store that fall outside age rating system

Microsoft previously warned developers that it would boot non-compliant apps from the Windows Store if they didn't fill out the required IARC questionnaire. This is a new international age rating system for apps and games now used by…