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Qualcomm and TomTom sync up on mapping for self-driving cars

Qualcomm Inc. announced a partnership with TomTom, the navigation company, to provide autonomous cars with the best map data around. The collaboration will pair Qualcomm’s Drive Data Platform (DDP) with TomTom’s HD Map tool.

Xiaomi just released a new selfie stick that doubles as a tripod

Did you think the era of the selfie stick had come and gone? Well think again. Chinese company Xiaomi is here to prove that our narcissism doesn't have an expiration date, and that selfie sticks are still relevant in 2017.

The Nio EP9 is not only the fastest electric car, it’s the fastest self-driving car

On Monday, car company Nio announced that just a few days prior, one of its autonomous vehicles set a new record for the fastest self-driven lap at the Circuit of the Americas Race Track (COTA) in Austin, Texas.

T-Mobile is handing out a free extra line to its customers, and it could save you $40

Starting March 1, T-Mobile One and Simple Choice customers in good standing with at least two lines of service are eligible for another line for free, the company announced Monday.

Here's a list of sites and services affected by Cloudbleed, and what to do next

Last week, Cloudflare acknowledge the existence of a security bug that's being called Cloudbleed; here's a list of sites and services that could be affected, and tips on steps you can take to avoid being hacked.

This leaked video appears to show off what is likely the Samsung Galaxy S8

After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung is likely thrilled to turn its attention to making this year's flagship, which we know as the Galaxy S8. Here's everything we think we know about the phone so far.

Anker Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker offers great sound, great price (58% off)

It's often best to stick with fan-favorite, trusted tech brands, such as Anker, which is offering this Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker for a full 58 percent off on Amazon for a limited time.

The Mercedes C-Class gets a high performance middle child

Mercedes closes the sizable gap between the C300 and C63 with a twin-turbocharged V6.

Fairphone has sold 125,000 modular phones and is rolling out Android 6.0

At a press conference in Barcelona at MWC today, the ethical, modular phone manufacturer Fairphone revealed that it has sold 125,000 phones. The company also announced Android 6.0 for Fairphone 2, some new partnerships, and a new camera…

Google’s Project Zero publishes another Microsoft vulnerability

Microsoft has been at the receiving end of a few Project Zero's efforts to identify bugs and compel developers to fix them. The most recent Microsoft zero-day bug is one involving the company's Internet Explorer and Edge browsers
Virtual Reality

I used VR to walk through a $10 million painting, and it was literally surreal

To commemorate a spectacular surrealist art auction, Sotheby's has made its first VR film, where we have the chance to enter the strange worlds of Dali, Magritte, and others. We went along to try it out.
Movies & TV

Box office hits and misses: ‘Get Out’ bumps ‘Lego Batman’ for huge debut

Jordan Peele's directorial debut was a big win for the Key and Peele co-creator, with thriller Get Out knocking off The Lego Batman Movie with an impressive $30.5 million opening weekend.