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Watch John Oliver beg Adidas, Budweiser to help oust FIFA President Sepp Blatter

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver wants to see FIFA President Sepp Blatter removed so badly that he offered sponsors an incentive to use their power to oust "the Swiss demon who has ruined the sport" he loves on the latest episode of the HBO show.

Shatner boldly goes on a cross-country journey with the Rivet three-wheeler

William Shatner and American Wrench have announced the dates for the actor’s cross-country journey in the bespoke Rivet Motorcycle. The custom three-wheeler was built according to Shatner’s specifications and will be his ride on an eight-day ride from…


OnePlus One goes on one-week flash sale, but the OnePlus Two is still MIA

OnePlus announced the OnePlus One will have flash sales every day of this week. This is the only week to take advantage of those sales, however, so if you want a powerful Android smartphone on the cheap, this is your chance.


Hands on: Turning up the speed on time with Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app

Microsoft's new smooth timelapse tech called Hyperlapse is available in beta exclusively on Windows Phone and Android. We took the beta for a spin to find out how well it works at making videos


Tron 3 gets derezzed by Disney

After rumors suggested that another film in the TRON franchise would begin filming this fall, Walt Disney Pictures has reportedly canceled the project, leaving the future of the series in doubt.

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Pinterest implements ‘visual search’ tech to intelligently locate similar images

Pinterest is debuting a new feature called visual search that allows similar images to be discovered and displayed. This could have positive implications for its users and its own bottom line.

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Microsoft will give you discounts for spending money at Whole Foods, 7 Eleven, and Starbucks

Microsoft is encouraging purchases at its stores by rewarding people for everyday buys at other businesses. It's a play to get more folks in the door, but it's only limited to a few states for now.


New Asus systems will be among first to launch with Skylake processors

Among the first announcements at Computex 2015 are two new Asus systems that look likely to be among the initial wave of Skylake-equipped desktops later this year.


Mitsubishi confirms summer launch for CarPlay and Android Auto (in Europe)

Mitsubishi is the latest carmaker to confirm specific plans for CarPlay and Android Auto, but there are still a lot of questions, including when the systems will launch in the U.S.


BlackBerry deals a fatal blow to the copycat Typo 2 keyboard, ensures it’ll never return

In February, BlackBerry once again sued Typo Products over the Typo 2 iPhone case, which it alleged copied the BlackBerry keyboard design. The two companies finally reached a settlement in June, and the Typo case is dead for good.


GoPro’s new entry-level Hero adds LCD, wireless, improved video and photo capture

GoPro has introduced an entry-level Hero action camera that ups the performance and feature set. The new Hero+ LCD includes a rear display, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, 8-megapixel photo and 1080p at 60 frames-per-second video capture.


The E1Z pico projector from Asus eliminates the need for pesky HDMI adapters

The new E1Z pico projector from Asus eliminates the need for HDMI adapters -- you can plug your Android device right in. But it's a little barebones, especially compared to the competition.

Home Theater

Two Dots climbs the ladder of most downloaded games on iOS

The mobile puzzle game Two Dots has reached 30 million downloads, with over 5 billion people playing it, developer PlayDots Inc. announced on Friday. It is currently on App Annie’s list of most downloaded games for iOS.


Asus launches 8-inch ZenPad tablets, plans a 7-inch and a 10.1-inch version to follow

Asus has revealed four new tablets under the name ZenPad. There are three different screen size options, a 7-inch, a 10.1-inch, and two 8-inch models, but we only have details on the latter two at this early stage.


Asus debuts a new 2-in-1 Transformer Book at Computex 2015

At Computex 2015, Asus announced the creation of the Transformer Book T100HA on June 1. This 2-in-1 laptop/tablet is designed to succeed the Transformer Book T100TA, according to Asus.