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Vaporwheels: 10 insane cars too ambitious for reality

Vaporware products exist in nearly every industry — gaming, computing, photography, and film. Vaporware cars have some of the most interesting stories, though, so we’re counting down our 10 favorites here.

Just because you can use Siri to open your August lock doesn’t mean you will

August's newest smart lock is HomeKit compatible, meaning you can ask Siri to unlock your door for you or unlock your door remotely, provided you have a fourth-generation Apple TV.
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Itching for a look at Star Wars: Episode VIII? Director Rian Johnson delivers again

Rian Johnson is winning himself points with Star Wars fans. The Episode VIII director recently shared two more set photos on his Tumblr account, marking the halfway point in shooting.
Product Review

Bragi Dash Review

Someday, Bragi's Dash will be the ultimate headphones. That day is not today.

Computer Deals of the Week: April 29, 2016

This week in computer hardware deals, you can get a Surface 3 for $600 off, in addition to sales on HP's GTX 980 Ti equipped gaming rig, 5K iMacs, and a few more deals that will have your wallets thanking you.
Cool Tech

This may sting: Google's new patent describes a smart lens injected right into your eyeball

Smart lenses may be making headlines, but Google wants to take things a step further. The company just filed a patent for a lens that is injected in your eyeball. The device would mostly be used for vision improvement.

What’s Apple planning to do with the 70,000-square-foot chip fab it recently bought?

Steady shipments of advanced equipment are arriving at a facility Apple bought back in December, leaving analysts wondering just what the company is up to. Are they prototyping processors? Or something else entirely?
Cool Tech

One small animal is apparently all it takes to shut down the Large Hadron Collider

It's a $7 billion dollar piece of machinery, but even the Large Hadron Collider is no match for a small mammal. The accelerator shut down overnight Friday as the result of a chewed-through electrical cable.
Car Review

2016 Ferrari California T Review

Put down your stopwatch and just enjoy the ride in Ferrari's California T
Cool Tech

Cyrano is an air freshener that wants to give your videos smell-o-vision

Vapo Communications launched a scented speaker called the Cyrano that emits different scents, according to the mood you choose. You use the oNotes app to pick a variety of fragrances to smell, so your nose doesn't get bored.
Movies & TV

Between the Streams: Netflix and the Punisher, Comcast vs. Disney, Capt. America

This week, we're talking about the crazy Comcast deal to buy DreamWorks Animation, the new Snowden trailer from Oliver Stone, Capt. America's impending box office juggernaut, a Punisher series from Netflix, and more.
Cool Tech

How to register your drone with the FAA

Before you take to the skies with your new drone, you need to make sure it has been properly registered with the U.S. government. Check our guide for registration requirements and easy, step-by-step instructions on how to complete your…