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Swipe right for Sanders, swipe left for spammers

Unwanted or not, Sen. Bernie Sanders is getting a lot of visibility in an unexpected place -- Tinder. Now, the popular hook-up app has blocked a few supporters, citing them as spamming.

Conspiracy theorists think this ancient Greek statue depicts a laptop user

Conspiracy theorists think time travelers brought laptops back to the ancient Greeks -- presumably via TARDIS or a plutonium-powered DeLorean -- pointing to a marble statue to make their point. It was probably a just chest.

First few levels of yarn-filled puzzler Unravel reveal major charm 1:42

You've got an old lady that can't remember anything and an adorable character made of yarn? That's the upcoming puzzler Unravel, and you can see the game in action in this quick video.

After decades in the factory, ex-employees help Lamborghini’s Polo Storico restore cars

Lamborghini has dived into its massive archives department to re-launch its heritage-focused Polo Storico division. Polo Storico provides period documentation, sells parts, and restores cars from the gruond up.

Nintendo officially gives up on non-wearable ‘Quality of Life’ sleep tracker

After more than a year in development, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima revealed the company will not continue developing its fitness-minded "quality of life" sleep tracker.
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Twitter has closed 125,000 accounts suspected of promoting terrorism

Twitter revealed that, since 2015, it has shut down 125,000 accounts suspected of "threatening or promoting terrorist acts." Twitter details its efforts, which include working with law enforcement and counterterrorism groups.

Major Mom brings drill-sergeant efficiency to the organization of your home

Some people just like clearing away clutter, and Angela Cody-Rouge based her business, Major Mom, around that. Prices range from $288 for a very small job to $2,888 for a big overhaul.

Apple Watch market share blows away every other smartwatch, including Android Wear

A new report from Canalys confirms that the Apple Watch is the only smartwatch worth talking about. Apple sold over 12 million watches in 2015, representing two-thirds of all smartwatches sold during the year.
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LinkedIn shares fall 40 percent, reducing market cap by $10 billion

LinkedIn shares fell by 40 percent early Friday morning, reducing the company's market capitalization by $10 billion. The company also announced that it will stop selling ads that mine user data to create sponsored content.

Nora en Pure brings tropical house from Switzerland to Coachella and beyond

Born in South Africa, living in Switzerland, and soon to perform at Coachella, DJ Nora en Pure pulls together influences from all over the globe to remix into crowd-warming tropical house tracks.
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Feerless app displays pop-up trigger warnings on Netflix to warn people with PTSD

Feerless is a Google Chrome extension that displays pop-up trigger warnings on Netflix. People with PTSD can look away or fast forward through trigger scenes without going through the pains of flashbacks and anxiety, and other…

This is how Super Mario Sunshine would look in Unreal Engine 4

One Nintendo fan has taken to remaking Super Mario Sunshine's hub world, Delfino Plaza, in Unreal Engine 4.