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Dodge should worry about Ford’s next-gen Mustang GT500

Ford is in the final stages of developing the next Mustang Shelby GT500. Aimed directly at the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the super-'Stang could use a new, twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 engine tuned to provide well over 700 horsepower.
Virtual Reality

What’s inside the Microsoft’s HoloLens’ holographic processor? Now we know

Augmented reality is a special sort of reality, which means it needs a special sort of processor to create it. That's where Microsoft's Holographic Processing Unity comes in, delivering compact performance in a low power package.

Several Epic Games forums were hacked; change your passwords now

A few forums run by Epic Games were hacked this week, meaning it's a good idea to change your password. If you share passwords between sites, change those too, and consider not sharing passwords between sites anymore.
Home Theater

Here’s what’s new on HBO in September, and what’s going away

Whether you're a cable lover or a staunch cord-cutter, there's never been a better time to get down with HBO. Follow us to find out what's new to the network each month, and what's going away.

The ‘Xbox Onesie’ is the ultimate outfit for Microsoft’s biggest fans

Yes, Microsoft has designed a pair of pajamas that feature Xbox controller pockets and custom gamertags. No, we're not quite sure why, but it's hard to deny the result is pretty stylish.

Chinese firm is first to the long-range, mass-market EV segment

China's Denza has introduced a more capable version of its only model. Designed jointly by Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler and BYD, the Denza 400 can drive for up to 293 miles on a single charge.

Leak suggests the PlayStation 4 Slim will introduce an updated controller, too

As information about Sony's hardware plans continues to leak, we now know how the Dual Shock 4 bundled with the upcoming slim version of the PlayStation 4 varies from the original design.

Parker processors power Nvidia’s autonomous car platform

Nvidia's Drive PX 2 platform for self-driving cars features two of the new Parker processors, which were designed with autonomous cars in mind, Nvidia says. The Drive PX 2 platform will be used in Volvo autonomous cars, among others.

In Wyoming, this vertical farm is growing crops even in the winter

If you're looking for an alternate pastime to skiing during the bleak months of Wyoming, you can garden. There's a new project blooming in this cold state, and it's called Vertical Harvest.

Hyundai’s Ridgeline-punching pickup takes shape

Hyundai's Santa Cruz concept has been given the green light for production. Set to go on sale in 2018, the pickup truck will ride on the same unibody platform as the Tucson crossover, and it might land with a turbodiesel engine.

‘Pokémon Go’ loses 15 million active players in a month

Pokémon Go user numbers appear to be settling down after a manic first few weeks. Following the huge popularity it saw in the short time after its release, there's been a steady decline that has seen close to 15 million people stop playing…

Roborace unleashes ‘DevBot,’ a prototype autonomous race car

Roborace will unleash the DevBot, a prototype of its autonomous race car, this week during Formula E practice at the Donington, England, circuit. Roborace says it's been testing the car for nine months.