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You thought your Wi-Fi was bad? Threatening hot spot delays flight for two hours

A Quantas flight from Melbourne to Perth was delayed for two hours when a passenger discovered a Wi-Fi hotspot called "Mobile Detonation Device." It was never located, but the plane was eventually cleared, and landed safely in Perth.
Cool Tech

Get your ears 3D scanned for these earbuds to improve sleep and reduce stress

'Hearables' are a growing trend, packed with features you'd typically see in smartwatches such as step, calorie, and distancing tracking. The Aware can do all of that, as well as monitor your brain waves to help improve your sleep…

Want to use Airbnb in Berlin? You'd better be okay with having flatmates

Looking to Airbnb in Berlin? You'd better be alright with having flatmates. Total privacy in someone else's home is now illegal in the capital of Germany, as officials implemented a new law that makes renting out an entire apartment a…

It took years, but Chrome is officially the king of web browsers

Internet Explorer has finally fallen from its perch, if you believe the headlines, but only because NetMarketShare was a steadfast holdout. Everyone else agreed that Chrome has been the most popular browser for some time now.

Prove you're human by identifying gibberish words, because computers suck at that

Humans are pretty good at knowing when a word is gibberish; computers are not. Audio CAPTCHA research takes advantage of this, and could help the blind prove that they're human much faster than before.

Apple’s 3D Touch is so last year, Microsoft is working on something even cooler

Apple's 3D Touch might have been the rage last year, but Microsoft's pre-touch display tech could be the rage this year on a Windows Phone or Surface tablet.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s first trailer takes the battle into deep space

Call of Duty blasts off into space with Infinite Warfare, coming this November from series originator Infinity Ward. Activision also announced a remastered version of the now classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
Movies & TV

The director of The Flash just left the movie

The Flash writer/director Seth Grahame-Smith has cited "creative differences" with the studio as his reason for departing the Warner Bros. Pictures superhero movie, due to hit theaters in 2018.

The Pirate Bay pulls in a whopping $9 a day in bitcoin donations

Bitcoin donations never quite caught on as much as the copyright lobbyists thought they would, with even giant sites like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents pulling just a few dollars a day between them.

Need to tow? Volkswagen’s updated Amarok offers more power than ever

Volkswagen is updating the Amarok truck to help it fend off competition from a growing number of brands. The most noteworthy update is found under the hood, where the Amarok is offered with a V6 engine for the first time.

Fallout 4 gets Oculus Rift support thanks to open-source project

An open-source project called Vireio Perception injects VR support into games designed without the hardware in mind, meaning players can enter Fallout 4 by using their Oculus Rift.