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The floor is lava! Klei’s new game is all about furniture-hopping

Whether it's the home, school, or the playground, every child knows hot to play The Floor is Lava, but how would you fare if that was actually true? That's what Hot Lava, Klei's new 3D platformer, is all about.

More renders have leaked for Google and HTC's upcoming 'Sailfish' Nexus

After working with LG and Huawei last year, Google could partner with HTC on a pair of new Nexus devices. It would mark the first time Google and HTC have collaborated on a mobile device since 2010. We've got all the news and rumors here.

‘Pokémon Go: Suburban Version’ is a parody targeting issues for rural players

Frustrated with a lack of Pokémon out in the suburbs? You're not alone — teenager Shane Brunswick created a parody web game to demonstrate his disappointment with the prevalence of Pidgeys -- and little else.

‘BioShock: The Collection’ gives you even more to collect

BioShock: The Collection will feature additional collectibles called "Golden Reels" that give players an inside look at the original game's development. The video segments feature creative director Ken Levine.

AMD’s ultra-high-end Vega GPUs set for release in the first half of 2017

AMD's upcoming Vega graphics chip is going to be released in the first half of 2017, giving us our first real competitor -- in terms of performance -- with Nvidia's top-of-the-line 10 series graphics chips.

Point-and-click game based on ‘Stranger Things’ will have fans wanting even more

Anyone looking for more Stranger Things to tide them over until season 2 can now play a fan-made point-and-click adventure created by three members of indie development studio Infamous Quests.

Tesla makes changes to encourage motorists to use Autopilot properly

Tesla could restrict the Autosteer function of Autopilot in a bid to convince motorists to use it properly. The safety restriction will allegedly be part of the updated Autopilot version 8.0.
Movies & TV

New trailer for upcoming HBO series ‘Westworld’ goes to some dark places

The latest trailer for HBO's Westworld offers a chilling preview of the 10-episode series set in and around an artificial world created to indulge the appetites of its human guests.

Small-car pride celebrated at Smart Times 2016 in Hamburg, Germany

Each year Smart car owners and enthusiasts gather for a two-day celebration of everything Smart. This year Smart Times 2016 was held in Hamburg, Germany. Records were set, including a parade that beat the previous record by more than 200…

T-Mobile offers HD video day passes and One Plus plan with 4G tethering

T-Mobile's new One Plus plan adds unlimited high-speed tethering to base One Plans. A $3 a day HD "day pass," meanwhile, lets any One subscriber stream all the high-definition video they want.

BMW's new 5 Series debuts Remote 3D View camera feature

The BMW 5 Series Remote 3D View system gives drivers an overhead view of the car on their smartphones. Both the system and the 5 Series itself debut at the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show.