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‘Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children' is Tim Burton's X-Men

The big-screen adaptation of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children hits all the right notes for a Tim Burton movie.

Microsoft booting apps from Windows Store that fall outside age rating system

Microsoft previously warned developers that it would boot non-compliant apps from the Windows Store if they didn't fill out the required IARC questionnaire. This is a new international age rating system for apps and games now used by…

Google’s Waze Rider rideshare program ends testing phase, goes live in SF

Driving for Google's Waze Rider isn't a job or business, but a way to be reimbursed for your own commuting mileage. After months in beta, Waze is now open for carpooling in San Francisco.
Virtual Reality

Let’s all go to the lobby: Update of VR app takes you to new locale in Valve HQ

Valve has updated its Destinations app with a few new locales for virtual reality gamers to enjoy, including La Pedrera in Spain, and Valve's own lobby. Destinations lets you hang with your friends and the public in a variety of global…

Pick ‘silent’ or ‘violent’ (or both) in these ‘Dishonored 2’ gameplay videos

Dishonored 2 lets you play the game as a pacifist, a murderer, or a combination of the two, and new protagonist Emily is more than up to the challenge. The game will be available a day early to those who pre-order.

Adobe and UC Berkeley team up to develop neural network image editor

Adobe is working with researchers at UC Berkeley to develop software that uses artificial intelligence to help users realistically manipulate objects in an image with a few simple brush strokes.
Cool Tech

Rosetta's final images before crash-landing detail the stunning Comet 67P

The Rosetta spacecraft snapped a series of images of Comet 67P during its 13-hour free fall that ended on Friday morning. The photos reveal the comet's bulbous “head," jagged cliffs, and shadowy crevasses in unprecedented detail.
Virtual Reality

Google will take VR to the streets with Daydream pop-up shops all over NYC

Digital Trends has learned that Google will host a series of pop-up events for its Daydream virtual reality platform in New York City. They will begin in October and continue through November.

HTC Viveport online app store now open to virtual reality fans worldwide

Consumer electronics company HTC is rolling out its VR-focused digital storefront worldwide. It will allow HTC Vive owners to browse, purchase, and download virtual reality games and applications.

Google employs machine learning to boost translation capabilities to near-human level

Google's using a new method of machine learning to improve the quality -- and rapidity -- of Mandarin Chinese text translations in Google Translate. It's rolling out in the coming weeks.
Cool Tech

Ever needed a private meeting space in an open office? MIT, Google invented one

Open office spaces look cool, but disruption and lack of privacy are ongoing issues. Inspired by a conversation with Google, MIT's Self-Assembly Lab designed a drop-down cubicle that creates a 10-foot diameter private meeting area…

This Kickstarter is a literal toss-up: AER lets you throw your GoPro for aerial shots

No money for the Karma? This Kickstarter project gives your GoPro wings for a two-digit price tag. The AER is essentially a foam football for your GoPro, but the sample footage looks surprisingly steady -- and incredibly fun.