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Nintendo shows off upcoming Switch console, new Zelda on 'The Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon had the opportunity to try out the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild live on The Tonight Show on Wednesday. He also got to play a brief level of Super Mario Run, which launches on December…

The Toyota 86 will return for a second generation … will it get a turbo?

Toyota has announced it's ready to begin development the second-generation 86 coupe. Likely developed jointly with Subaru, the next-gen model will be sold alongside the long-awaited Supra.
Product Review

Nixon The Mission Smartwatch Review

Nixon's Android watch is rad for skiiers and surfers, lame for everyone else.
Movies & TV

‘Rogue One’ star Alan Tudyk explains how K-2SO was brought to life

Actor Alan Tudyk knows first-hand how far motion capture technology has evolved in filmmaking. The actor who played Sonny in I, Robot brings the droid K-2SO to life in 'Star Wars: Rogue One'. He explains how Disney spared no expense…

Faraday Future's electric car peeks out of the shadows

Faraday Future released two more teaser images of the electric car it plans to unveil at CES 2017, giving a clearer indication of the car's styling, and hinting at some potentially interesting features.

This Kickstarter puts literal spin on product photography with smart turntable

A new Kickstarter project is aiming to make displaying a product from every angle a bit simpler. Orbot is a smart, programmable turntable designed for 360 product photography and videography as well as 3D scanning.
Cool Tech

See what your skin is hiding with Skintuition visualization technology

It's the largest organ in our body, and it also houses the most secrets. But now, new technology from Cambridge Consultants wants to unlock some of the mysteries hidden by our skin.

AMD’s Radeon cards can now chill out with the launch of Crimson ReLive Edition

AMD's annual driver suite refresh has arrived as Crimson ReLive Edtion, packing lots of goodies such as an in-game overlay, a revamped settings menu, expanded hardware support for Radeon WattMan, and more.

Get your inbox under control with these great Android email apps

There are a ton of great apps for managing your emails on your Android device. But which one is the best? Here are our current favorites, whether you're looking for Exchange 2003 support or a merely an easy way to organize your inbox.

AMD just released an awesome new benchmark for DirectX 12 games – here’s how to use it

DirectX 12 has challenged gamers who want to benchmark, because it breaks compatibility with many tools used to capture performance in any game. OCAT, new from AMD, is the first good all-purpose DX12 benchmark.

Ekko smart mirror puts a wealth of information right in front of your face

Since its invention about two hundred years ago, the mirror has changed in design and manufacturing process, but its overall function has remained the same. Miliboo sought to change all that with their stylish Ekko smart mirror.

Samsung head admits donating millions in political scandal, denies wrongdoing

Samsung's difficult 2016 continues. The investigation into South Korea's ongoing political scandal has grown to include the Samsung Group, and company executives have answered questions before a parliamentary committee.