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Cool Tech

Swipe to sort: Using this robotic recycling system is like playing a game of Fruit Ninja

A startup has used gaming technology inspired by Fruit Ninja to develop a robot and software that helps waste facility workers sort through trash and separate recyclables.

Apple’s App Store got out of the wrong side of bed this morning

If you woke up this morning unable to find the apps you wanted, you weren't alone. The App Store suffered an interesting problem, returning unrelated search results for many apps. The issue has since been resolved.

Here’s why a consultant created a fake electric Chevrolet coupe

A mysterious website promoting an all-electric Chevrolet coupe called Jolt went live recently. The project was the brainchild of Matt Teske, who wanted to gauge buyers' reaction to an affordable, long-range electric coupe.

Instacart will deliver groceries based on recommendations from nutrition app Platejoy

Sticking to your diet just got a lot easier, thanks to a new partnership between personalized nutrition service PlateJoy and online grocer Instacart. It's almost like having a personal nutritionist do your shopping for you.
Cool Tech

The Marine Corps is developing land-borne battlefield robots with flying drone sidekicks

The Marines Corps has announced plans to develop autonomous robot-drone teams to collaborate in combat and take to the battlefield alongside soldiers.

More Tesla Model S versions on the way: 75kWh battery is up next

Thanks to a leak by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), we now know that Tesla is building a Model S with a 75kWh battery to slot between the 70 and the 90 trims.

Keep calm and drive on: We celebrate the absolute best in British motoring

Every nation in the automotive world brings its own magic, and England is no exception. We explore their deep racing history and luxurious craftsmanship with two of the finest examples on the roads today.

DisplayLink devices will soon work with Chromebooks, delivering its first USB-to-video option

USB to HDMI and USB to VGA adapters will soon with on Chromebooks, according to a statement from DisplayLink. The drivers will be baked into ChromeOS, a first for this particular display technology.

Cupertino mayor is fed up with Apple: 'They abuse us,' Chang says

Cupertino Mayor Barry Chang, says Apple fails to pay enough to the city to help improve infrastructure. Chang wants Apple to pay $100 million for public projects, and is proposing a tax of $1,000 per employee for businesses with more than…
Movies & TV

Seth MacFarlane’s next TV series promises to be out of this world

Seth MacFarlane will write, produce, and star in an upcoming science-fiction comedy series set aboard a space ship 300 years in the future, which will debut on FOX during the 2017-2018 television season.

Apple’s streak ends as Samsung seizes U.S. smartphone crown for March

Thanks to the success of the Galaxy S7, Samsung dethroned Apple for the top spot in smartphone market share in the U.S.. However, If history repeats itself, Apple will be back on top in quick fashion.

A dash of Radiohead goes well with the Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have released their first new single since 2011, a piano-driven cut that showcases a new sound from the band, which largely has to do with their new producer Dangermouse.