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As of today, all your Google Docs now live in 'G Suite' on the 'Google Cloud'

Google executive Diane Greene officially rolled out Google Cloud and 'G Suite' today, the latest re-brands of popular Google services. Today's change is, apparently, about making it clear Google is dedicated to the cloud.
Movies & TV

Cut to the chase: NBC is turning ‘The Italian Job’ movies into a TV series

NBC is reportedly adapting the 1969 heist film The Italian Job and its 2003 remake into a television series about a group of thieves attempting a dangerous (and illegal) rescue of a former associate.
Home Theater

HBO and Cinemax have arrived on PlayStation Vue, along with a new top-tier plan

For some time, Sling TV has had an advantage over PlayStation Vue as the only service with HBO and Cinemax. Now that has changed with the arrival of both channels on PlayStation Vue, either as standalone options or as part of the new Ultra…

Latest Ethernet standard will supercharge your home network, eventually

A new Ethernet standard was announced today, promising to supercharge your home and office networking. Someday. Unfortunately for your home network, the new standards are going to hit enterprise customers first.
Cool Tech

Shape-shifting flower demonstration shows off material science breakthrough

Materials scientists coming up with shape-shifting materials is cool, but you know what’s even cooler? Materials which shape-shift on demand. Thanks to researchers, this is now a real thing.
Health & Fitness

The best biking gear of 2016

Every passing year sees a fresh lineup of commuter gear for cyclists. This year's notable additions? A smart bell, a smart speedometer, and a titanium folding lock. If you're looking for a new ride, there are even smart bikes with as much…

You can’t drill a headphone jack into your iPhone 7, but you can use this case 3:18

Miss the ol' headphone jack on your shiny new iPhone 7? Fuze has a solution: The new Fuze Case has a headphone jack built right into it so you can listen to music and charge at the same time without the need for annoying dongles.

Internet of Things was the source of largest botnet attack in history

Routers and security cameras are to blame for the recent spate of record breaking DDOS attacks against a number of online entities. At their peak, they topped 1.1 terabits per second of data, eclipsing totals that people didn't think were…

Millennials will change commercial banks, though they’d prefer a dental visit

Commercial banks need to impress with services. A new study shows most Millennial business-decision makers would switch banks. As painful as they think switching banks would be (most would prefer dental work), they're ready to change.
Home Theater

DTS Play-Fi support is coming to Amazon’s Echo, Tap, and Dot early next year

DTS is working with Amazon to develop the ability to play audio from Amazon Alexa-powered devices over its Play-Fi multiroom wireless audio system beginning in 2017. DTS is also working to bring Alexa voice control to DTS Play-Fi speakers.

It’s here. Honda’s Civic Type R just blasted into Paris, and the U.S. is next

Honda has revealed its U.S.-bound Civic Type R Concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The wild concept previews its hot hatch kingpin.

Next ‘Stardew Valley’ update allows players to get digitally divorced

Indie developer ConcernedApe charts a number of major changes and additions coming to its farmlife simulation game Stardew Valley with its next update, including new starting farms, construction options, and marriage candidates.