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Bogus call? Ref-mounted GoPros give fans a new view of Big Ten Championship

Was that a bad call? College football fans will have a better idea, thanks to an deal between Fox Sports and GoPro to equip referees with action cameras. After testing last week, the ref cams will be fully integrated into the Big…

Careful with that Surface Dial — iFixit teardown reveals it’s a pain to repair

The Surface Dial is an attractive and easy-to-use peripheral, but what makes it tick? The folks over at iFixit eviscerated one to find out, and discovered the Surface Dial is a tough nut to crack.
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‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ director hired for ‘Detective Pikachu’ film

Goosebumps and Monsters vs. Aliens director Rob Letterman has been hired to direct Detective Pikachu, the live-action movie based on the Pokémon spinoff game Great Detective Pikachu.
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No Animus needed: ‘Assassin’s Creed’ VR experience sends you to another time

The Animus awaits you -- or at least the next best thing does. 20th Century Fox, New Regency, AMD, and Alienware have teamed up to launch a virtual reality experience for the Assassin's Creed movie.

MadJacks makes it possible for you to wear snowboarding boots while skiing

The MadJacks system is an adapter that allows skiers to forgo traditional ski boots, and hit the slopes with more comfortable snowboard boots instead. It's currently on Kickstarter.

Coincidence or curse? Looking back on Madden’s troubled cover athletes

Join us as we take a tour through the long-running history of the Madden Curse -- and Rob Gronkowski's recent demise. We all know John Madden is a longtime NFL talent, but is he also an agent of dark forces?

Apple Pay arrives in Spain while Singapore now supported by HSBC Bank

Apple Pay is growing rapidly, so we've built a list of all the vendors, retailers, and companies that plan to support Apple Pay or already do. Plus, we've details on its international launches.

‘OK Google’ voice commands coming to the stand-alone Android Auto app

Google's Android Auto connected car platform will soon respond to "OK Google" voice commands, according to an eagle-eyed Reddit user. It appears to be rolling out to Google accounts gradually over time.
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Get the best deals at the lowest prices with our favorite Cyber Week deals

The Cyber Monday sales event has transformed into Cyber Week. That said, many of these discounts are featured all week, or at least until the stock is depleted. Here are our favorite deals so far, whether you're looking to pick up a 4K TV…

Razer is now a member of the consortium responsible for Vulkan-based graphics

The Khronos Group, the consortium backing the new Vulkan API for PC graphics, said that PC gaming peripheral maker Razer is now a "Contributing Member." The news falls in line with Razer's open-source approach to PC gaming.
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Felicity Jones smacks stormtroopers around in first 'Rogue One' clip 2:37

Disney's first Star Wars anthology film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is just weeks away. Here's everything we know about the film thus far, from its cast of characters and release date to its surrounding universe and tone.
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Waiting on the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ spinoff? FX gives ‘Mayans MC’ pilot order

It's still in early stages, but we're another step closer to the promised Sons of Anarchy spinoff, focusing on the Mayans Motorcycle Club, as FX has put in a pilot order for the series, titled Mayans MC.