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Back to the Future Part II’s Pepsi Perfect is now a reality as a 30th anniversary special edition

Back to the Future fans can soon get a taste of 2015 like Marty McFly. Pepsi has confirmed that it will sell a special edition of the Pepsi Perfect seen in Back to the Future Part II in honor of the trilogy's 30th anniversary.
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Be jealous: Canadian cabler to broadcast 100 live sports events in 4K UHD with HDR

Canadian communications company Rogers has unveiled a pioneering new plan to broadcast 100 live sports events in 4K UHD with HDR. The company is calling the new plan 'the world's largest commitment to broadcasting in 4K with HDR.'

The Pokemon Company demands $4K settlement from amateur fan party planner

The Pokemon Company has sued a self-proclaimed "huge Pokemon fan" who organized a themed party inspired by Nintendo's popular mascot characters, demanding a $4,000 settlement even after the event was canceled.

Honda’s “Baby NSX” will arrive in 2018 with a 1.5-liter turbocharged hybrid powertrain

Honda's rumored "baby NSX" will reportedly arrive in 2018 with a 1.5-liter turbocharged hybrid powertrain. The gas engine will come from the 2016 Civic while the electric components will be shared with the NSX.

Mi Note 2 could be Xiaomi’s first all-metal smartphone

Xiaomi might be planning its first all-metal smartphone, the Mi Note 2, to launch early next year. A new leaked image shows the all-metal design, and we expect plenty more coming out of China in the months to come.
Cool Tech

Neuroscientists develop whisker-based virtual reality system for mice

Brain scientists at HHMI's Janelia labs are developing a whisker-based virtual reality system to study mice brain activity as they experience movement and respond to external stimuli.
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Leaked photos appear to reveal the Roku 4 front to back, now with Optical audio out

More new photos habe reportedly been uncovered for the Roku 4, showing a new design, new features for the remote, an Optical output, and a big old number 4 on top. Is this the device we've been waiting for, or just another concept?

Everything you need to know about Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Get it on your Nexus now

Google's next major release of Android is Marshmallow, or version 6.0, and it's coming to Nexus phones at the beginning of October. Here's all you need to know about the key new features.
Cool Tech

Turn your smartphone into a 3D printer with this genius $99 box

Unveiled at Maker Faire New York last week, OLO is designed to take any smartphone under the sun and transform it into a fully-functional 3D printer. No joke -- you seriously just fire up the app, pop your phone into the device, and pull…
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Four more Transformers films will hit screens by 2025, says Hasbro CEO

Hasbro CEO Stephen Davis says the Transformers franchise will release four films in the next decade, following a series of round-table planning meetings with nine high-level Hollywood writers.

Office 2016 is having trouble staying alive on El Capitan

Despite users complaining of issues since the first beta for El Capitan, Microsoft is just now working to prevent Office 2016 from crashing on the new OS, as a wave of user reports of errors spurs the firm to action.
Cool Tech

A whole new world: Disney app renders coloring book pages as 3D images

Using technology provided by the Unity game engine, the Disney Research project has developed an app that will allow you to see what your 2D drawings (or colorings, more precisely) look like as 3D animations.