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Xiaomi debuts the Mi Drone, a 4K quadcopter that’s great for the price

China-based smartphone company Xiaomi has debuted the Mi Drone, an affordable quadcopter capable of shooting in resolutions of up to 4K. It'll go on sale in China later this summer.

Huawei feels ‘compelled’ to defend its patents after talks with Samsung fail

It seems that Samsung can't catch a break. Huawei is looking to dethrone the Korean giant by suing the company for alleged patent infringement by its smartphones. Huawei is seeking compensation.

Smart mirror so happy to see you it lights up as you get close

Simplehuman's Sensor Mirror Pro adds smart home connectivity to full spectrum lighting control. Via a companion smartphone app you can recreate any light. Motion detection technology causes the mirror to brighten as you approach.
Movies & TV

Report: Warner Bros. pulls producer off superhero films after Batman v Superman disappoints

Longtime superhero movie producer Charles Roven has reportedly been shifted out of that role for future films on Warner Bros. Pictures' live-action superhero movie slate due to Batman V. Superman's disappointing performance.

That’s extra: Leon and Chris are paid DLC in ‘Umbrella Corps’

If you want to play as your favorite Resident Evil characters in Capcom's Umbrella Corps, it's going to cost you at least $10 extra. The "deluxe edition" includes favorites like Chris, Leon, and Barry for use in the game's…

This foldable phone from Oppo will get you excited for flip phones again

The flip phone is coming back, baby, but this isn't your typical tiny phone that has no smarts. This leaked phone from Oppo has a 7-inch display that can fold in half just like an old-style flip phone to make it more compact.

Planning a vacation? Grab two free months of Google Play Music via TripAdvisor

Google is offering up a pretty unique way to sign up for its music streaming service. Now, when you're planning trips via TripAdvisor, you can listen to locally curated tunes thanks to a Google Play Music integration.

Microsoft (sort of) backtracks on sneaky Windows 10 upgrade tactic

Microsoft annoyed a lot of people by making the Windows 10 upgrade opt-out, rather than opt-in, but it's already responded to the outrage by adding another notification, to help those who are set to upgrade without their consent.

Could crossover fever kill the Lexus CT?

Lexus is allegedly preparing to deep-six the CT and replace it with a compact crossover. The yet-unnamed soft-roader will be inspired by the LF-SA concept, and will use a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain.

The tables have turned: Enemies can loot you in ‘Loot Rascals’

Loot Rascals, the latest game from Hohokum developer Hollow Ponds, is a loot-fest with a twist: the enemies can loot you, and your items can get transferred to another player, who will then become your sworn enemy.

Trying to explain video streaming in layman's terms? This video shows you how

Have you ever wondered how we are able to consume so much video online these days without having to deal with crazy load times? Well, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, but this video does a great job simplifying it.

How to make a contact group on iPhone

Learn how to set up contact groups in your iPhone to separate groups of people into lists for simpler and quicker communication. You can use iCloud or an alternative app from the iOS App Store.