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Update: Some Dell computers have vulnerable HTTPS credential, removal instructions issued

Dell systems are reportedly being shipped with an exploitable security certificate, calling to mind the Superfish scandal that affected Lenovo earlier this year.

You can finally reply to text messages on iOS via Pebble, but only on AT&T

Pebble's new Text Reply feature finally lets you reply to SMS messages via a Pebble smart watch, but there's a catch: You must have a cellular plan on AT&T. It's currently in beta.

ISIS has a 24/7 ‘Jihadi Help Desk’ to aid would-be terrorists 1:03

An expert source confirms to Digital Trends that across multiple networks -- "forums, telegram, social media, links," and more -- there is 24/7 "Jihadi help desk" of sorts, meant to spread ISIS's extremist propaganda…

Bad-PR magnet Uber just formed a safety advisory board

On Tuesday, the company announced the creation of a safety advisory board, whose purpose is to "navigate safety and security hurdles." It's a small group, but one comprising some pretty impressive names.

Airbnb raises $100 million in new funding round, valued at $25.5 billion

Airbnb ran another private equity funding round this month for $100 million, maintaining the $25.5 billion valuation set earlier this year. It is Airbnb's second funding round of the year, a few months after its $1.5 billion round focused…
Movies & TV

It's a time-traveling team-up in the first trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2:54

The CW has released the first full trailer for its upcoming superhero team-up series DC's Legends of Tomorrow, featuring characters from both The Flash and Arrow, as well as Doctor Who actor Arthur Darvill.

Freesync support expands with Acer's new XF270HU

Acer's relaunch of the classic XB270HU design into a Freesync-supporting XF270HU will be a welcome addition for AMD fans, who will be able to take advantage of its frame-syncing technology at a reduced price.

Samsung's Galaxy A9 pops up in benchmarks with mid-range specs

The Samsung Galaxy A series isn't as well known as the Galaxy S, Note, and Edge models, but they are some of the nicest phones you will ever hold in your hand. The Galaxy A9 could be Samsung's next chapter in the A series.

Bangladesh bans Facebook and chat apps for being used to carry out crimes

Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber have all been banned in Bangladesh, following an accusation that the chat apps are being used to commit crimes. Civil unrest in the country is high, after the execution of two high-profile…
Cool Tech

Diamond nanothreads to join graphene as the world’s next wonder material

With its potential for ductility, the recently discovered diamond nanothread is poised to compete with graphene as the world's next wonder material. Its ductility is "ideal for the creation of extremely strong three-dimensional…

New evidence shows narcissistic rats are waiting to take selfies using your phone

A rat has been caught taking a selfie using a sleeping man's smartphone. The frightening event took place on the New York subway, and was captured on video, suggesting rats are desperate to become part of generation selfie.
Cool Tech

The first 3D-printed revolver fires 8 shots, just add a roofing nail and elastic

James Patrick is bound to turn some heads with his PM522 Washbear revolver, the world's first 3D-printed repeating firearm capable of firing up to 8 bullets without stopping to reload.