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Cut the middleman out of your screenshots with the Microsoft Snip beta

The Snip beta is a new extension to the Office productivity suite that enables users to take a snapshot of either a single active window or your PC's entire screen at the click of a button.


Dell’s new S2716DG G-Sync monitor is great for games, bad for your wallet

Dell has announced a new G-Sync supporting monitor that's packed with features. It has 1440p resolution, fast response time and a great refresh rate, but it is expensive. The company also revealed a curved 27-inch display.


Fed up with chintzy tablet keyboards? LG’s Rolly fits fours rows in your pocket

With a four-hinge folding system, LG's Rolly is a truly mobile tablet keyboard that doesn't compromise on the typing experience, and it fits in your pocket. It will be available in September for an undisclosed price.


The Kick Varibike is a weird new ‘bicycle’ that you pedal with your hands

Varibike unveils Kick, a new hybrid scooter bicycle that uses arm power to supplement the bike's traditional kick mechanism of propulsion.

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Emperor to bring Julius Caesar’s story to the Game of Thrones generation

Emperor is planned as an adaptation of Conn Iggulden's novels, which tell the story of a young Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus and the political and romantic machinations that lead to the infamous assassination.

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Fable Legends is not coming to Steam, will be Windows 10 exclusive on PC

Microsoft played down its gated Windows 10 app store, suggesting it wouldn't keep titles for itself, but that looks to be happening with Fable Legends. Lionhead's social media coordinator as tweeted the game will be a Store exclusive.


New Flipagram camera feature lets you create real-time videos to favorite tunes

Flipagram's new Music Video Camera lets you create short clips to popular music, in real-time. The feature allows users to easily record themselves lip-syncing to favorite tunes – a popular trend on social media, Flipagram says.


Survey shows many people opting for tech-free, ‘sanctuary-like’ bedrooms

Tech isn't a high priority for most people when it comes to renovating and redecorating master and other bedrooms, according to a recent survey from remodeling site Houzz.


John Legere hype train has left the station and is headed toward overage annihilation

T-Mobile is the only U.S. carrier that doesn't charge overages, and CEO John Legere wants that to change. He plans on sending a message to the other carriers that can't be ignored.


The Hobbit trilogy is going back to theaters with extended editions of each film

The extended editions of each film in Peter Jackson's trilogy of The Hobbit movies will be screened in theaters this October as part of a three-day event leading up to the final film's home-video debut.

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Want pancakes? Robots can help with RoboHow’s new Wikipedia for robots

European research company RoboHow is now teaching robots how to perform practical, everyday tasks, from the home to the office. If they succeed, humanoids will be able to flip pancakes, reload paper in a printer, and more.

Cool Tech

Designed largely in Europe, the new Kia Sportage gets a head-turning look

Kia has published the first official images of the all-new Euro-spec Sportage. Set to bow in Frankfurt, the crossover gets a more evocative-looking design accented by a low grille, swept-back headlights, and sharp LED tail lamps.


Joaquin Phoenix will reunite with M. Night Shyamalan for mystery movie

Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly in talks to reunite with his director on Signs and The Village, M. Night Shyamalan, for an unidentified film produced by The Gift's Jason Blum.

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