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Bellabeat turns over a new Leaf with smart jewelry to help you stay stress-free

Bellabeat sold 400,000 of its first piece of smart jewelry, and now it's back with a new wearable called the Leaf Urban. It's slimmer, sleeker, and looks like a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It comes with an app update that brings stress…

HP updates its Z240 workstation with more memory and a Core i7-6700K

HP released a third-generation model of its Z240 tower workstation on Tuesday, supporting more memory, a faster processor, an M.2 slot, optional HP Z Turbo SSDs, and more. The RGS receiver for Mac was dated too, slated to be released soon.

‘Spelunky,’ ‘WWE 2K16’ among August’s free ‘Games With Gold’ titles for Xbox

Xbox Games With Gold offerings for August include a solid mix of AAA titles and smaller cult hits, including the 2003 adventure Beyond Good & Evil. As is now standard, Xbox 360 games are compatible with Xbox One.
Cool Tech

Meet Graham, a sculpture that may just scare you into driving safely

Ever wonder what we would look like if our body was designed to survive a car crash? Now we can, thanks to Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, who created the world's most crash-safe individual. Be careful if you look -- it may just give…

Nintendo NX will be a Tegra-powered handheld with detachable controllers

Here is everything we have heard so far about Nintendo's mysterious, upcoming console, the so-called NX, compiled into one convenient post. Updated 6-16-2016 to include details on processing power, VR support, and a Ubisoft launch title.
Cool Tech

Google raises 5 safety concerns for the future of artificial intelligence

The days of an AI-controlled robot janitor might not be too far away, but a new paper from Google, OpenAI, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley raises some safety concerns that need to be addressed first.
Cool Tech

Researchers create self-assembling material straight out of ‘Big Hero 6’

It's Big Hero 6 come to life thanks to researchers who have created a material that self-assembles on command into swarms, chains, or clusters. The process of self-organization is kicked off by exposing the material to an electrical field.
Cool Tech

Shape-shifting, remote-controlled microsurgeon robots come to life

A team of researchers from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and ETH Zurich have taken on Richard Feynman’s challenge, building remote-controlled microrobots designed to enter the body, deliver drugs, and perform…

Affordable Xbox One S bundles are arriving sooner than you think

If you're looking to buy an Xbox One S but don't need a lot of storage capacity, cheaper bundles are less than a month away, and they come with some of the biggest games on the system.
Home Theater

What’s new on Netflix and what’s leaving in August 2016 2:03

Our complete list of what's new on Netflix for August and which titles will be removed will help you catch up on your binging and ensure you don't miss any titles heading into the ether.
Cool Tech

HoloLens concept lets you control your smart home via augmented reality

A Jedi-style HoloLens hackathon proof of concept would let smart home owners control their connected gadgets through augmented reality, using simple gestures and glances. Check out the awesome video demo here.
Virtual Reality

Want photo-realistic VR? Industrial Light & Magic thinks an 8-GPU rig can help

As Industrial Light & Magic becomes increasingly involved with virtual reality content, the company's ILMxLab subdivision is experimenting with a powerful 8-GPU setup.