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This is how Google ensures the Play Store remains free from potential malware

Google works pretty relentlessly to ensure there is as little malware as possible on the Google Play Store. How? Well, for starters, every single app is monitored to ensure it doesn't compromise your data.

McLaren's P14 will be a whole lot quicker than its 650S predecessor

McLaren's 650S supercar successor, dubbed the P14, will reportedly be twice as aerodynamically efficient as the current car thanks to active and static wings, inlets, and channels.

Fake Android Instagram apps have been stealing login credentials from users

Security researchers have discovered a series of fake Instagram apps on the Google Play Store that aim to steal your username and password through a sophisticated phishing scam. The apps have been taken down since being discovered.

Close to the Metal Ep. 26: Nintendo Switch fills a gap in PC gaming

Nintendo's upcoming Switch console is already making waves, particularly among the PC gaming community. On this episode of Close to the Metal, we'll discuss why that might be the case.
Home Theater

Vizio brings Google Home integration to its line of SmartCast TVs and soundbars

Vizio's line of SmartCast TVs and speaker systems are now smarter than ever with the addition of Google Home integration, which allows you to control them using nothing more than your voice.

Pix for Windows 10 will help developers ensure great gaming performance

Microsoft's PIX for Windows 10 (beta) joins DirectX 12, Xbox Play Anywhere, Game Mode, and more as examples of the company's sincere commitment to ensuring that Windows 10 is a great PC gaming platform.

This nasty string of emojis can potentially render your iPhone useless

A newly discovered iPhone exploit involves nothing more than a malicious string of emoji. In some cases, it can cause reboots and crashes. But it isn't easy to execute, luckily -- it requires the use of an iCloud account.

You can now play the original 'NBA Jam' with updated 2017 rosters

Fans of the classic basketball game NBA Jam can now play an updated version of its Super Nintendo port, which features all the players and teams you would expect from a 2017 release.

18 annoying Galaxy S7 Edge problems and how to fix them 3:45

Samsung has refined its curved display beauty this year, but smartphone perfection remains elusive. These are the Galaxy S7 Edge problems we’ve been hearing about, with advice on how to tackle them.

Take a fast lesson in Range Rover history, from the classic to the SVAutobiography

Land Rover is looking back at 48 years of Range Rover history. While the model was a workhorse when it debuted in 1970, it has gradually morphed into one of the most luxurious -- and capable -- off-roaders on the planet.

Federal Trade Commission hits Qualcomm with a lawsuit over its licensing practices

The Federal Trade Commission has sued Qualcomm, alleging that the company is abusing its dominance in the mobile industry by charging extra fees for the use of its patents -- patents that are deemed as essential in the industry.
Cool Tech

Get your Postmates or DoorDash delivery from a Starship Technologies robot

A new pilot program from Starship Technologies wants to bring robotic delivery to the masses, starting in Redwood City, California with DoorDash, and in Washington, D.C. with Postmates.