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Virtual Reality

Samsung’s GearVR will let you read bedtime stories from across the country, if you can afford two headsets

On the road, but still want to read with your kid? Samsung's VR bedtime stories could be the answer, if you're willing to buy a couple headsets, and phones to snap in them.

PayPal's Venmo is in trouble with the FTC

Venmo could be in hot water, and that includes its parent company PayPal. The Federal Trade Commission sent the payments company a Civil Investigative Demand, seeking answers to whether or not the company engaged in deceptive or unfair…

Logitech's Harmony lets you put down your phone and use your TV for smart home control

Need to turn off your lights before watching a movie? Logitech is updating its Harmony app to be compatible with Sony's Android TV, giving users the ability to control their smart home via television.

Sony selects the next batch of freebies for PlayStation Plus

Sony announced May's incoming batch of PlayStation Plus freebies, revealing that members of its console-focused gaming subscription service will receive free digital copies of Tropico 5, Switch Galaxy Ultra, and more.
Movies & TV

Watch the hilarious debut music video from Daily Show character Black Trump

The Daily Show's latest creation is Roy Wood Jr.'s "Black Trump," a rapper who crafted his debut music video out of hilarious real-life Donald Trump quotes. Look for him to be a recurring character leading up to the general election in…
Social Media

60 percent of government data requests from Facebook come with a gag order

Facebook's new transparency report highlights that not only are government requests up, but 60 percent of them also come with a gag order, preventing Facebook from notifying users that their data is being requested.

New Android malware disguises itself as a Chrome update

A team of researchers from Zscaler have discovered new malware that hides in the form of an Android Google Chrome update. If installed, it can seriously ruin your day, and can only be cured by a factory reset of your device.
Movies & TV

The Nice Guys gets a retro, nostalgia-inducing trailer

The latest trailer for Shane Black's odd-couple action movie The Nice Guys serves up a retro preview of the film that would be right at home in its '70s-era setting, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

XCOM 2 getting five more official mods from Long War Studios starting today

Long War Studios is working with Firaxis to create five more official mods for XCOM 2 over the next few months, the first of which is available today.

Seagate finally enters market for helium-filled hard drives

Two years after Western Digital's HGST, Seagate is now shipping helium-filled hard drives to enterprise customers. Helium reduces friction and energy usage, which can be crucial in an enterprise context.
Movies & TV

Marvel’s WHIH news service has more breaking news on Captain America: Civil War

The third in a series of viral-style, faux news reports, the latest spot for Captain America: Civil War features a WHIH Newsfront debate about how much collateral damage is acceptable to incur while saving the world.