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Facebook is bringing ad breaks to more live and on-demand videos

Get ready to see ad breaks in more Facebook videos on your News Feed. The company announced on Thursday it is expanding its mid-roll ads feature test to target both live and on-demand video creators.
Product Review

Whirlpool WRF995FIFZ french-door fridge Review

Whirlpool's French-door fridge boasts enough storage to stock a bodega.

HTC announces the winners of its first annual Viveport Developer Awards

The HTC Viveport Developer Awards, which honor -- and financially reward -- the best virtual reality apps in HTC's Viveport app store. That contest has now concluded, and HTC announced the winners on its Vive blog.

Google Play Music 7.4 brings smaller app size and musical alarms

Google has updated Google Play Music, bringing a range of features like a new "Recents" menu item and a smaller app size. Not only that, but that app also now includes code that hints at musical alarms in Clock.

JetSmarter, the Uber of private planes, expands its services with a new partner

Earlier this week, the private jet company announced an exclusive strategic digital partnership with TMC Jets, making JetSmarter the exclusive digital distribution channel for TMC Jets' fleet.

So long, Irrational Games — Ghost Story emerges with a new project in the works

Irrational Games has adopted a new name with a new concept of storytelling. Now called Ghost Story, the small studio was founded by 12 former Irrational Games developers and is working on a new innovative game.

These 10 tips could instantly improve your photography

Photography is an art and as such much of it is subjective, but even so, there are some common things that professionals get right to set them apart from the sea of amateurs. Here are 10 for you to work on.
Cool Tech

Trippy VR self-portrait takes you inside its artist creator’s body

Los Angeles artist Theo Triantafyllidis’ latest creation, “Self Portrait (Interior),” is a virtual reality tour that doesn't just take you inside his head -- but gives you a tour of the rest of him, too.
Cool Tech

Ambiotherm may look goofy, but it lets you feel the warmth of a virtual sun

Ambiotherm is a wacky virtual reality accessory that promises to mimic the feeling of the wind and sun on your face and neck by… well, blowing air and pumping heat in your direction.
Cool Tech

Bionic Leaf project creates natural fish food out of thin air — sort of

Forget turning water into wine. A new project wants to turn air into food. It's called the Bionic Leaf, and it's a new, almost sci-fi technology that claims to employ the power of the sun and bacteria to make food out of carbon dioxide.

Kojima hints at the unique gameplay of 'Death Stranding' in new interview

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has revealed very little about his upcoming game, 'Death Stranding,' but the title's cinematic trailers point to the involvement of some big names. Here is everything we know so far.
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DeviantArt will soon be getting a refresh after its acquisition by Wix

Today, the web design platform Wix announced the acquisition of DeviantArt, an online community for artists and designers. As part of the change, DeviantArt's longstanding web design will likely be getting a modern refresh.