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A Chinese firm is selling iPhone-branded bags, and Apple’s not happy about it

Apple's bid to gain exclusive rights to the iPhone name in China has failed after a court threw out its claim. The decision means the Beijing firm at the center of the dispute can continue selling iPhone-branded bags, phones cases, and…

New Adblock Plus service lets you tip the sites you visit most

Adblock Plus says it wants to "revolutionize Web monetization" with a new service that lets its users tip the sites they visit most, allowing publishers to rely less heavily on ad revenue.

Ford turns shipping containers into a mobile wind tunnel for vehicle testing

Ford built a mobile wind tunnel from shipping containers to test production cars for excessive cabin noise. While traditional wind tunnels occupy entire buildings, this one can be shipped around the country by truck.

Philips debuts a new 43-inch, 4K Ultra HD computer monitor

Likely ideal for anyone that's looking for a new monitor for productivity reasons, Philips has released a 43-inch monitor that offers 4K Ultra HD resolution as well as the ability to display from mulitple devices.

GoPro releases free apps to make editing more fun

GoPro has released two free editing apps a couple of months after it bought the startups that created them. Effectively a relaunch, the apps – Quik and Splice – aim to offer GoPro users a fast, fun, and easy way to edit their action-cam…
Movies & TV

Pinch hitter: Jimmy Kimmel lines up unexpected guest-hosting gig

Jimmy Kimmel's nights are booked, but it seems that his mornings are free. In an unlikely pairing, the late-night TV host is stepping in to help out Kelly Ripa on May 16 after the departure of Michael Strahan.

A little elbow grease goes a long way: How to change your car’s oil

Given the convenience and price of most mechanics, learning how to perform an oil change is now something of a lost art. Follow these simple steps and you'll be able to stay home and save yourself some money.

Batman goes abroad: Lamborghini-powered Batmobile is running the Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000 competitor Team Galag has created a Dark Knight-inspired vehicle called the Batmobile 2.0. The two-seater features a carbon-fiber body and is powered by a Lamborghini 5.2-liter V10.
Home Theater

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes' new period drama is coming to the U.S.

Downton Abbey is over, but fans of the hit series will soon be able to console themselves with creator Julian Fellowes' latest period drama. Amazon has acquired U.S. streaming to the series, Doctor Thorne.
Social Media

Facebook pays 10-year-old $10,000 for finding Instagram security flaw

A 10-year-old from Finland recently found a security flaw on Instagram that allowed him to delete any comment on the site. His reward for reporting the flaw? A cool $10,000. Ironically, the youngster isn't old enough to have an Instagram…

Moog’s new Model 15 app packs its $10K synth into the palm of your hand

Nothing can compare to the authentic analog synthesizers of old, but Moog is hoping to bring back the nostalgia in digital form. The synth maker's new app replicates its legendary Model 15 synth right on your iPad.
Product Review

Biostar Z170GT7 motherboard Review

Biostar’s Z170GT7 is a muscle car for a compact price.