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Seattle-based law firm files suit against Apple over 'Error 53'

iPhone 6 or 6 Plus users are angrily voicing their concerns over 'Error 53,' which has persisted for quite a while. A class-action lawsuit has just been filed regarding the persistent issue.

Terrorists will evade encryption backdoor net according to new study

Whether you are looking for a hardware or a software encryption solution, there are hundreds of options out there. That's why, according to a new study, it's a waste of time adding backdoors to devices or services.
Cool Tech

The Sleep Guardian Plus gently wakes kids up before they enter nightmare territory 0:30

The Sleep Guardian Plus gently wakes kids up before nightmares start. It vibrates the mattress gently so kids are barely disturbed, but don't reach the phase of sleep where night terrors occur. And kids easily fall back asleep…

Anti-Adblock Killer heralds next stage in ad blocking arms race

Anti-Adblock Killer is a new extension that promises to prevent sites from blocking other AdBlock software, prompting further questions about the way that online publications implement ads.
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10 criminally underrated Netflix movies you owe it to yourself to watch

Netflix's massive selection often makes it hard to find anything to watch other than what's currently trending. To help, we've compiled a list of the 10 most underrated movies in Big Red's extensive catalog.
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Will Arnett gets serious in Flaked, new Netflix series from Arrested Development producer 2:17

Netflix has released the first trailer for Flaked, its upcoming slice-of-life comedy set in Venice, California, that casts Will Arnett as a self-help guru struggling to keep his own messy life on track.
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Indonesia orders WhatsApp and Facebook to remove gay emojis

The Indonesian government wants all lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) emojis banned from messaging apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Popular app Line has already removed gay-themed stickers from its e-store in the country.

Bethesda teases overhauled Survival mode for Fallout 4

Bethesda has teased major changes coming to Fallout 4's Survival mode, adding concern for food, water, disease, sleeping, and more, harkening back to Fallout: New Vegas' Hardcore mode.

Want to play GTA V on your Raspberry Pi 2? Well, you can’t – but it now supports OpenGL!

An experimental OpenGL driver makes hardware accelerated OpenGL possible on the Raspberry Pi, meaning some 3D games can now run smoothly on the tiny PC.

Senate votes to permanently ban taxing anyone for going online

The U.S. Senate has gotten out the ban-hammer lately, not to oust any of its members, but to block any taxation of the Internet in the future. Although banned under a moratorium, this new act bans it permanently.

Give the gift of music this Valentine’s Day, Google Play Music now 50 percent off

Chocolates goes bad and flowers die, but the love of music lasts forever. Grab a Google Play Music All Access subscription, along with YouTube Red, for 50 percent off right now for that someone special in your life.