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Tobii Eye Tracker 4C adds head tracking for even better gaming precision

On Friday, Tobii announced its own second-generation hardware, the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, which adds in head tracking and better performance for the utmost precision in gaming simulation.

The AM-RB 001 supercar will corner at 4G and makes 4,000 pounds of downforce

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing teamed up on a road car and the results are staggering. Impressive numbers include 4G of grip and 4,000 pounds of downforce. Only 175 road cars and 25 track cars are planned.

Good news! Google’s Pixel smartphone survives underwater longer than you can

Google's Pixel handset might not have the highest IP rating in the world, but it actually handles water better than you might expect. In a test by one user, it was able to handle being submerged in shallow water for up to 30…
Home Theater

YouTube app now available on Dish Network’s Hopper 3 4K DVR

Dish Network’s Hopper 3 is already one of the most full-featured DVRs on the market, and now it’s getting even better with the addition of YouTube, including the ability to cast videos from mobile devices to your TV.

Classy, wild, and a little bit mean, Audi’s TT RS is a race car in a business suit

Audi’s TT RS may share its bones with the TT sports car, but this 400-hp gem looks, drives, and sounds like a supercar. It comes stateside in summer 2017.
Virtual Reality

Onix VR’s Pulsar headset could offer 4K virtual reality, but not till next year

Virtual Reality headsets might seem almost dime a dozen today, but nobody had had access to a 4K, 120Hz model just yet - unless you've played with Onix VR's Pulsar prototype. The VR startup plans to launch its high-end VR HMD in 2017.

Dreaming in color: Fan recasts the Nintendo Switch in stylish new hues

A Nintendo fan has designed mock-up Nintendo Switch consoles in a variety of colors, as well as systems mimicking systems from Nintendo's past. We're crossing our fingers that a few of these get produced.

Blizzard launches cross-game voice chat service Blizzard Voice

Blizzard Voice is a new component of the studio's online multiplayer platform that allows users to chat with their friends and friends of friends, whether they're in-game or otherwise.

Did you buy an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? So did nearly half of recent iPhone buyers

According to the latest report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), sales of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comprised an impressive 43 percent of all the iPhones sold in the third quarter of 2016

These 10 extreme microphotographs offer an artistic look at a small world

The photography competition that features details too tiny to see with the naked eye has announced its 2016 winners, which feature a stunning collection of microphotography shots, from the scientific to the artistic.

'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' will be delayed until March 2017 Set phasers to delay: 'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' slips to March 2017

Star Trek: Bridge Crew was expected to hit the three major virtual reality headsets next month, but now Ubisoft has confirmed that the promising mulitplayer experience has been delayed until March 2017.

Australia’s newest race series puts RWD, diesel-powered pickups on the track

Australia's popular V8 Ute race series will be replaced by the SuperUte series starting next year. Trucks eligible to compete in the SuperUtes series are production-based, rear-wheel drive models with a dual cab and a diesel engine.