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There’s a lot to look forward to with 5G technology, like 20Mbps downloads

According to new guidelines released by the International Telcommunication Union (ITU), a single 5G cell must have a download capacity of no fewer than 20Gbps. For comparison, the peak rate for today's LTE cells stands at about 1Gbps.

BlackBerry's $550 KeyOne targets physical keyboard lovers

BlackBerry's next smartphone is the KeyOne -- a promising Android phone targeted toward people who prefer physical keyboards, as well as BlackBerry's suite of secure apps. It's not in the flagship tier anymore, as it's priced at $550.

Coodo futuristic tiny houses come with high-tech smart features and maybe a sauna

LTG Lofts to go, a Hamburg Germany-based company, created tiny homes that are filled with smart home features. You can connect almost all of your electrical devices to a smartphone or tablet.
Cool Tech

Everything you need to know about the magical magnetic goop known as ferrofluid

Ferrofluids can do amazing things on YouTube -- gracefully bending into all sorts of structures -- but what exactly are they? Hit the jump to find out how the mysterious liquids work, and how you can get some for yourself.

The FCC just rolled back some of its privacy rules, reversing previous positions

On Friday, the newly appointed chairman of the Federal Communications Commission asked the organization to delay a set of the privacy rules that was initially slated to take effect next week.

No more shaky footage: Imint's Vidhance software stabilizes video in real time

Smartphone video is typically difficult to stabilize, but Imint's Vidhance software suite does it automatically -- and in real time. It's already in the Huawei Mate 9, and it'll come to more phones this year.
Movies & TV

Oscars 2017 Best Visual Effects nominee recap: A look at a year of Hollywood magic

From real-world drama Deepwater Horizon to sci-fi saga Rogue One, we take a deep dive into the movie magic that made this year's nominees for Academy Awards in the visual effects category so memorable.

Make the most of your mirrorless camera with our favorite lenses under $500

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get professional quality pictures with your mirrorless camera. Here are great lenses, all for less than $500.

Data disaster averted! How to back up your Android smartphone

You never know when your Android device might meet its unexpected demise, which is why you should always back up your device in advance. Here's how to do so using a variety of methods, including first and third-party software.

Hosting an Oscar’s party? Here’s how to add some terrific tech touches

The 89th Academy Awards are this weekend, and if you want to throw together a last-minute party, we have some tech ideas to help out. From keeping your champagne chilled to filling out your ballot, we have you covered.

5G to debut in U.K. in 2017, with tests in 11 U.S. cities starting this spring

The future is coming fast for the United Kingdom. According to the latest reports, Samsung and telecommunications firm Arqiva will be debuting 5G mobile internet to the U.K. in the second half of this year.

Google’s allegations of self-driving tech theft are ‘baseless,’ Uber says

Google filed a lawsuit Thursday against Uber alleging that Otto — a startup purchased by Uber last year — stole confidential information related to autonomous-car technology. Google claims Uber is in possession of 14,000 stolen files.