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Pebble says we’re ‘in for a treat’ — Will it be a new smartwatch?

Pebble seems to have a big announcement up its sleeve -- the company has begun counting down to a product reveal on its website. But what will that product be? A new smartwatch, perhaps? Maybe a software update?
Movies & TV

Star Trek Beyond to open Comic-Con San Diego with unprecedented premiere

Star Trek Beyond is going big for its world premier -- very big. The team behind the film plans to unveil it at Comic-Con San Diego 2016 in IMAX, and they've added a twist that is enough to make any movie fan salivate.

GM to compensate SUV buyers up to $100M total for fuel economy discrepancies

As a result of misstated fuel economy on the window stickers of about 60,000 midsize SUVs, General Motors is going to compensate previous buyers with debit cards or extended warranties.
Product Review

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB Review

Seagate's tiny Ultra Slim external hard drive is both pocketable and affordable.
Movies & TV

Game of Thrones recap: ‘The Door’ — a cruel death caps off a startling episode

On the latest episode of Game of Thrones, a cruel death followed a series of astonishing revelations. The Stark children edge closer to their destinies, the Iron Islands get a new ruler, and Tyrion cuts another deal. Here is our recap of…
Home Theater

Wilson Audio's $110K Alexx speakers gave us shivers, and not just from the price

Can speakers that cost the same as a really, really fast car produce sound that'll give you shivers? We found out when we sat down in a demo room faced with Wilson Audio's $110,000 Alexx speakers.

Loop headset owners will be able to buy the OnePlus 3 first in VR

OnePlus will be unveiling the OnePlus 3 in virtual reality. The company was giving away 30,000 free VR headsets in preparation, but sadly it's already sold out. Here's everything we know about the OnePlus 3.

AT&T is finally getting rid of the Next 24 plan that was actually 30 months

AT&T has simplified its confusing financing plans, now only offering two plans instead of four. Starting on June 8, customers will have the option of paying for their phone over 24 or 30 months with the Next and Next Every Year plans.

Breaking the charts: Chance the Rapper sets historic streaming record

Chance the Rapper has become the first musician in history to break the top 10 of Billboard's album sales charts with streaming plays alone, thanks to a seriously successful Apple Music exclusive.
Home Theater

Sharp now shipping the Aquos N7000, the first of its 2016 UHD lineup

Following up on news that its U.S. parent company Hisense has made available two HDR-ready TVs, Sharp has announced that its Aquos N7000 series of HDR TVs is now shipping nationwide.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a foodie's best friend

The new EOS Rebel T6 doesn't bring anything revolutionary to Canon's budget DSLR series. While performance is on par with the previous T5, the T6 adds Wi-Fi/NFC and a shooting mode designed for food photography.
Cool Tech

Google’s newly launched Magenta Project aims to create art with artificial intelligence

Inspired by the competitive success of AlphaGo and the cultural appeal of DeepDream, Google plans to expand its AI further into the humanities with the creation of the Magenta project.