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Product Review

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Review

Sony's slimmer PS4 doesn't merit upgrading, but it's still a PS4

Ever had a Yahoo account? Do this now

If you have ever had a Yahoo account, even if you no longer use it, you'll want to protect yourself from hackers. We tell you exactly what to do. Don't delay while you consider the best overall security solution, start by changing your…

Despite mixed reviews, Google Allo has more than a million downloads in 3 days

Google Allo, the messaging app that features an AI Google Assistant, is the number one app on the Play Store. The app has drawn mixed reviews, which criticize a lack of default end-to-end encryption, but praise the Assistant's smarts.

Curt Schilling, Rhode Island reach $2.5M settlement over game studio’s failure

Curt Schilling and associates have agreed to a $2.5M settlement in their ongoing dispute with the state of Rhode Island after the taxpayer-funded failure of the former Major League Baseball pitcher's 38 Studios.

Laowa’s weird, new macro lens is designed to not scare its tiny subjects

Venus Optics has unveiled its upcoming Laowa-branded 24mm f/14 Replay 2x Macro lens that features one of the most unusual designs we have ever seen, which was done on purpose to help not scare away shy macro subjects it is designed to…
Social Media

Google and Salesforce are reportedly interested in acquiring Twitter

Twitter, the embattled social network, is searching for a buyer. Rumor has it that potential buyers include Google and Salesforce, among others, and that a deal could be announced before the end of this year.
Cool Tech

Sewing robot masters handling fabric, could change how clothes are made

Sewbo is a garment-making robot designed for automating the process of skillfully guiding fabrics through sewing machines. In the process, it could change the way clothes are made.

Google Duo will be pre-installed on the four upcoming Micromax phones

Micromax, an Indian smartphone maker, will be the first to ship its smartphones with Google Duo pre-installed. It does not seem as though Allo will accompany it.

Uber is letting its drivers offer their riders a solar-panel sales pitch — at least so far

Geostellar is a company that markets and sells solar panels online. Recently, they made a move to use Uber and Lyft drivers to pitch their products while offering rides to passengers.

Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games

Looking for a list of the biggest games coming to PlayStation 4 this holiday season? From 'Mafia III' and 'Final Fantasy XV' to the latest Dark Souls DLC and the long-awaited 'The Last Guardian,' here's what to expect.

Forget OnHub: Google may reveal sleek, compact wireless AC router next month

Google is expected to roll out a number of new devices in October that includes Google Wifi, a network router that will be small like the Amazon Echo Dot. The router will be an AC1200-class device, offering speeds of up to 867Mbps.