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Seagate crams 2TB of storage into a drive as slim as an iPhone 6

As much as SSDs are excellent for performance, they are still more expensive at high capacities than hard drives, which is why Seagate is continuing to drive advances in the technology, most recently with a new 2.5" form factor, 7mm drive; the densest HDD…


Use the force in Disney Infinity 3.0 (First Impressions)

Is Disney Infinity 3.0 worth it or not? Find out whether Disney's latest addition stands up to the Star Wars name and what exactly you can expect before playing it in this quick and informative video.


AT&T brings the DirecTV Everywhere app to the new LG G Pad X 10.1 on September 4

The LG G Pad X 10.1 Android tablet hits AT&T on September 4. It's a good all around tablet for everyone, but DirecTV customers will find it extra special. The tablet comes with a few cool software features and costs $350 off-contract.


No Internet? No problem. Amazon now allows offline viewing on iOS, Android devices

Amazon is now letting its Instant Video subscribers download from a large selection of popular TV shows and movies for offline viewing on iOS and Android devices, making it the first subscription streaming service to do so.

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Next Chrysler Town & Country to get foot-activated rear doors, lots of USB ports

The next Chrysler Town & Country will have new tech features like foot-activated rear doors, and more fuel-efficient powertrains, a new report says. Will that get consumers' attention?


According to a new study, almost all common hangover cures aren’t actually effective

Bad news for those who hope to stave off a hangover after a night of drinking with a heavy meal or a several glasses of water. A recent study suggests these common hangover cures are ineffective.

Cool Tech

Seeing a cloaked woman on Mars? It’s probably your pareidolia acting up again

The neural confusion that convinces people they're seeing Jesus in their toast or a cloaked woman on Mars is simply a wacky trick of the brain in a phenomenon scientists call “pareidolia.”

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In the wake of IndyCar driver Justin Wilson’s death, FIA plans closed-cockpit tests

The FIA reportedly plans to renew testing of closed cockpits for race cars next month, in response to IndyCar driver Justin Wilson's death from head injuries sustained in a recent crash.


Swan necks inspire new technology for better camera drone footage in the air

Stanford researchers are developing camera technology that mimics the suspension system like the anatomy of swans' long necks, allowing camera drone footage to appear cleaner, crisper, and all around better.

Cool Tech

HP’s Instant Ink knows when your printer is out before you do, sends you new ones

HP offers a convenience that automatically sends out replacement ink cartridges when your printer is running low. The company is highlighting its Instant Ink subscription-based program with new Envy and OfficeJet models.


Free Stuff! Turtle Rock announces free weekend for Evolve on the PC and Xbox One

Released at the beginning of this year, Turtle Rock's asymmetric multiplayer title Evolve has seen its player base slowly dwindle. To grab more players, the company is hosting a free weekend for the PC and Xbox One versions of the game.


Amazon’s Fire TV is out of stock, which might hint at an upcoming new model

If you're looking for an Amazon Fire TV, you're out of luck for the time being, but that might not be a bad thing. The item is listed as "currently unavailable" which could indicate that an updated new model of the streaming box is on the way.


IS MSI’s new GTX 980 Ti more than lightning in a bottle?

MSI has taken an already powerful card, the GTX 980 Ti, and turned it into a GPU fit for Odin himself. The Lightning designated graphics card has boosted clock speeds, better overclocking features and a powerful new cooler.


The smaller New Nintendo 3DS is finally coming to the U.S. as part of a new bundle

When Nintendo brought the updated New Nintendo 3DS to North America, only the larger XL model of the device was available, unlike the previous iteration of the hardware. Now the smaller version is finally coming as part of a new bundle.