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Chris Robinson wants artists to storm Spotify HQ and ‘take whatever we want’

Chris Robinson, former frontman for jam-band the Black Crowes, on his slinky and psychedielic new album “Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel, out now in various formats via Robinson’s own custom label, Silver Arrow – and the price…
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Does Britney Spears actually sing in 'Carpool Karaoke'?

Pop megastar Britney Spears is the latest celebrity to be featured in James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment, and yes, she, along with Corden, do belt out some of her top hits, like Toxic and Womanizer
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‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Daredevil’ actors join Bruce Willis in ‘Death Wish’ remake

Director Eli Roth's upcoming remake of Death Wish has reportedly added Daredevil actor Vincent D'Onofrio and Breaking Bad co-star Dean Norris to its cast, which already includes Bruce Willis as the film's star.

'Final Fantasy XV' starts in an open world, but it won't stay there

Final Fantasy XV, which recently saw a delay of two months, will begin in an open world, but its second half will take a more linear approach in an attempt to keep players invested in the narrative.

There goes another Google app: Device Assist is pulled from the Play Store

Another Google app bites the dust. You probably haven't heard of this one, though, as Device Assist primarily offered troubleshooting tips and tricks for Android One, Nexus, and Google Play Edition devices.

How to fix a flat tire at home

Flat tires are the worst, whether they're the result of a blowout or a rogue nail. Thankfully, our quick-hit guide will help you quickly fix a flat tire, so you can get your vehicle up and running with time to spare.

Instagram on the desktop just got better thanks to this third-party app

Ramme is yet another unofficial desktop app for Instagram, but it's the most versatile one we've tried. It lets you browse, like, comment, search, and even post photos – all from your Mac or PC.

Apple might remove the iconic home button in next year's iPhone

Apple's iPhone 7 isn't out yet, but iPhone 7S and even iPhone 8 rumors are already heating up the internet. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone 7S and what we have heard so far about the iPhone 8.

Report: NX controllers will support Wii-style motion controls and haptic feedback

The Nintendo NX may be going the (sort of) portable route, but it appears that the console will still support console features like rumble. More advanced motion controls may also be included.

In Japan, you may soon be able to tap your iPhone to access public transportation

New Yorkers may still have to wait a bit longer to pay for their subway rides with their smartphones, but it looks like those in Japan may be enjoying this feature sooner rather than later.

Korean automaker Ssangyong is considering sales to the U.S. market

Snagging may enter the U.S. market as a result of the Brexit vote, which has triggered currency fluctuations that will decrease the profitability of the Korean firm's exports to the U.K.

We’re getting ‘Rocksmith 2014 Edition — Remastered’ in 2016

Rocksmith 2014 Edition -- Remastered is coming in October, bringing new songs and gameplay tweaks to make your guitar-learning experience easier. Owners of the original game will get the updates for free.