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Better, stronger, faster: Lee Majors to play Ash’s father in Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2

The cast of Ash vs. Evil Dead is growing a little larger in season 2 with the addition of former Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors as Ash's father, and Evil Dead alumni Ted Raimi as Ash's childhood best friend.

Microsoft expands Insider rings with new ‘release preview’ builds

If you don't like the idea of the fast or slow ring of the Windows Insider program, consider the Release Preview ring, which offers driver and app updates, as well as the Windows feature tweaks.

Lifeproof Fre lets you to take your iPhone 6/6s anywhere, even underwater

Take your iPhone 6 or 6s for a swim with the Lifeproof Fre waterproof case. This go everywhere smartphone case seals off all the ports, speakers, and mic to keep the dangers of life out.

Uber: London black cab demo brings traffic chaos to city

Drivers of London's iconic black cabs are as upset as ever about Uber's presence in the capital. Similar to other protests we've seen against the ride-hailing company, the issue concerns government regulation of the service – or lack of…
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Sonic the Hedgehog movie hits theaters in 2018, mixes live-action and animation

Perhaps delighting anyone that grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis in the late nineties, Sony Pictures and Sega are developing a hybrid live-action, animation Sonic movie for a 2018 release.
Product Review

Blu Pure XL Review

The Blu Pure XL Is proof specs don’t make a phone good.
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Ready for a new side of Amy Schumer? Comedian to appear in PTSD drama

Amy Schumer may be known for her comedy roles, but she'll show off her serious side in an upcoming drama. The comedian has taken a role in Thank You for Your Service, a film that deals with PTSD.

Dropping your iPhone 6/6s is no big deal with the Otterbox Defender Series case 2:41

Known for making some of the most rugged and durable smartphone cases, Otterbox wraps the iPhone 6 and 6s in its utilitarian Defender series case to protect your precious smartphone from some extreme hazards.

Hackers could throw off our power grid by manipulating our AC units

In a rather terrifying discovery, researchers have found an alarming vulnerability in our security system, and it's one that can be found in most American homes and offices -- the air conditioner.