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Cool Tech

New graphene production technique is 100x cheaper than other methods

A new graphene production process developed at Glasgow University could finally turn this super-material into an affordable solution. Using commercially-available copper, graphene production in large quantities will be plausible for mass…

T-Mobile celebrates Black Friday early with 3 months of unlimited LTE for its users

T-Mobile Simple Choice customers will be automatically enrolled in three months of free, unlimited 4G LTE data beginning on December 1. The company is also offering a variety of deals on certain devices for Black Friday.
Home Theater

Here’s what’s new on HBO in December and what’s going away 1:47

Whether you're a cable lover or a staunch cord cutter, there's never been a better time to get down with HBO. Follow us to find out what's new to the network each month, and what's going away.
Cool Tech

Iraq is planning a solar powered skyscraper that’s 1,000 feet taller than the Burj Khalifa

At 3,780 feet tall, the recently announced skyscraper from the Iraq-based AMBS architectural firm will not only be the tallest in the world, but will also completely operate on energy it produces itself.

HTC details its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, offers a free One A9 if you trade in your iPhone

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming large over the horizon, HTC revealed its deals for the pair of fiscal holidays. Interestingly, the main deal seems to be a free One A9, though there are a few caveats.

Google now offers quotes for home mortgage rates in California

Credit cards, auto insurance, and now mortgages? Google's new site lets you see and compare home mortgage rates — but it's only available in California for now. You can even request a callback from the lender to a random number.

YouTube Music isn’t ready to be your daily music driver just yet 2:03

With Spotify and Apple Music already dominating a music-streaming market will YouTube Music be able to leave it's mark in the genre? We went hands-on in this video review.
Movies & TV

NFL expected to sell Thursday Night Football TV rights for $600 million a year

America's favorite professional sport seems poised to start a bidding war. The NFL is reportedly looking to offer a multiyear deal to TV networks for the TV rights to Thursday Night Football, and experts predict it could go for $600 million…

Payday 2 studio admits ‘we screwed up’ with microtransactions

Overkill Software producer Almir Listo has issued an apology for Payday 2's sudden shift toward a microtransaction-driven revenue model, admitting that "we screwed up" and promising that "we will do our best to improve as soon as possible."

This pedal-powered washing machine requires zero electricity, works like a salad spinner

GiraDora is a pedal-powered washing machine specifically designed to bring an ergonomic, effective clean clothes solution to developing nations around the world. It requires no electricity and a limited amount of water to improve…

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Former Nintendo call center counselors reflect on 8-bit era

Ever wonder what life was like for Nintendo's "Game Play Counselors" who fielded requests for in-game help during the 8-bit and 16-bit eras? A recent interview series gives rare insight into Nintendo's corporate culture.

Comcast and Time Warner continue to grow despite consumer complaints

New market research shows that Comcast and Time Warner Cable are still gaining most new customers in cable broadband while fiber's growth is struggling to gain as much ground.