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Keep your Lumia 950 looking stylish and safe with these 10 great cases

Want to add a splash of color, a new texture, or some solid protection to your Microsoft mobile? We’ve got you covered here with a run-down of the best Lumia 950 cases that money can buy.

This Street Fighter V live-action dance battle looks like a terrifying '90s throwback

Capcom UK hired London-based Hip-Hop dance theater troupe ZooNation to perform a live dance battle called "Street Fighter V Hits London" at a launch event for the game Wednesday.

Transform your desktop into a concert hall with these computer speakers

Not sure which PC speakers work best with your computer? Here are our current favorites, whether you're working on a budget or looking to produce high-end audio.

Prolific artist and musician Swizz Beatz explains how Instagram can change lives

In an exclusive interview with Digital Trends, Swizz Beatz discussed his project with Canon, "The Unknowns," where amateur artists are chosen from Instagram to be featured in an silent auction at Sotheby's in New York City.
Social Media

Facebook just banned medical marijuana dispensary pages

Looking for medical marijuana? Take your search off Facebook. According to local reports in New Jersey, a state that has legalized the sale of cannabis for medical purposes, the social media giant has begun deleting dispensary pages,
Movies & TV

Deadpool presents Golden Girls reruns amid five-network ad takeover

Five Viacom networks are ceding commercial break spots for eight shows to 20th Century Fox next week. Ryan Reynolds will fill the ad spots in character as Deadpool, the sarcastic Marvel antihero.

Stuck in The Witness? These tips will put you on the right track

If you've spent the last few weeks trapped on an abandoned island with little hope of escape, you're not alone. Here’s how you can survive The Witness and keep your sanity intact.

Swipe right for Sanders, swipe left for spammers

Unwanted or not, Sen. Bernie Sanders is getting a lot of visibility in an unexpected place -- Tinder. Now, the popular hook-up app has blocked a few supporters, citing them as spamming.

Conspiracy theorists think this ancient Greek statue depicts a laptop user

Conspiracy theorists think time travelers brought laptops back to the ancient Greeks -- presumably via TARDIS or a plutonium-powered DeLorean -- pointing to a marble statue to make their point. It was probably a just chest.

First few levels of yarn-filled puzzler Unravel reveal major charm 1:42

You've got an old lady that can't remember anything and an adorable character made of yarn? That's the upcoming puzzler Unravel, and you can see the game in action in this quick video.

After decades in the factory, ex-employees help Lamborghini’s Polo Storico restore cars

Lamborghini has dived into its massive archives department to re-launch its heritage-focused Polo Storico division. Polo Storico provides period documentation, sells parts, and restores cars from the gruond up.