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CleverPet’s Hub is a robo-tutor for your dog, but only works if he woofs down treats

Lonely, bored, food-motivated dogs are ideal candidates for the CleverPet Hub's autonomous, conditional rewards-based robotic training.
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With proposed changes, NFL aims to cut down on commercial breaks, speed up games

While NFL teams are changing up their rosters, the league itself is planning to make adjustments. Commissioner Roger Goodell revealed that the NFL may scale back on commercials to speed up games.

FreedomPop’s new family plan isn’t unlimited — but it sure is cheap

If you and your family are in the market for a new wireless provider, don't eat up a whole lot of data, and would like to spend as little as possible, FreedomPop may have just what you're looking for.

'Dig once' legislation hopes to increase fiber internet's footprint

Companies are working to lay more fiber internet and the government has a few ideas of its own on how to increase fiber's footprint. One is "dig once," a policy that would incorporate fiber into federal infrastructure projects.
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Michael Shannon is leading pack of actors vying to play Cable in 'Deadpool' sequel

The much-anticipated Deadpool sequel is introducing some new mutants in front of the camera and a new director behind it. Here's everything we know about the follow-up to the mouthy mercenary's blockbuster debut.
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Second part of season 1 of Netflix show ‘The Get Down’ will have fewer episodes

Netflix's very expensive, music-centric drama The Get Down will debut the second part of its first season with only five episodes, instead of the originally set number of six. Part two will also feature animations for the first…
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It’s finally here, ya know: ‘Fargo’ unveils its first full season 3 trailer

The third season of Fargo premieres next month and FX has finally released the first, full-length trailer for season 3 of the award-winning series inspired by the 1996 film of the same name.

John Deere tractor owners allegedly use hacked Ukrainian firmware for repairs

Upset that a John Deere licensing agreement forbids repairing their own tractors, farmers turn to allegedly hacked Ukrainian firmware. Farmers see repair restrictions as a threat to their business and to their freedom.
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The second ‘Baywatch’ trailer is all about the action and slow-mo running

The new Baywatch lifeguards are picking up the baton, and they're doing it in slow-mo. Paramount Pictures has released the second official trailer for the action-packed comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.
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Coffee table-sized mechanical Pong game is the coolest Kickstarter in forever

A year ago, a band of friends created an awesome mechanical tribute to the legendary Atari game Pong. Now they've found a manufacturer and are offering it on Kickstarter. Seriously, you need to check this out!
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Tech titan Chris Sacca to try his hand at acting in ABC comedy pilot

Chris Sacca, owner of Lowercase Capital and an early investor in tech institutions like Twitter and Uber, and guest "shark" on ABC's Shark Tank, will try his hand at acting in an upcoming ABC pilot formerly called Start Up.

You can basically drive a brand-new Honda Clarity for free

If you live where the hydrogen stations are, Honda’s new Clarity is an excellent choice, especially when you realize that Honda’s giving them away.