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'Super Stardust Ultra' and 'Hustle Kings' are getting the PlayStation VR treatment

PSN favorites Super Stardust Ultra and Hustle Kings will soon be available on PlayStation VR, and the former game is almost unrecognizable, with a beautiful first-person perspective.

'Shadow Warrior 2' is Like 'Doom' with friends -- and swords

Shadow Warrior 2 brings the best of the '90s-era shooters into the modern era, complete with tons of weapons and co-op play. Flying Wild Hog debuted its follow-up to the 2013 reboot of the 1997 franchise at E3.

What if wearable cams could have selective memory?

What if wearable cameras not only had a 24-hour battery life but could choose what life moments were important and which were best left unrecorded? A research team from Rice University is working on tech that could make it possible.

No camera? No problem: French talk show uses iPhone when equipment fails

When a French talk show's camera equipment died about an hour and 45 minutes into taping, the team had to make a game-time decision. And who was there to save the day? The trusty iPhone, of course.

Like Samsung's Edge screen? The Note 7 may be your ideal phone

Already looking to see what's up with the next Samsung Galaxy Note? Here's a look at the latest news and rumors surrounding the Note 6 (or maybe the Note 7) including talk of an early release to jump ahead of the next iPhone.
Virtual Reality

HTC bets big on VR after sustaining heavy losses

HTC is struggling to battle back from heavy losses sustained over the past twelve months, but it seems that the company's plan going forward will put a major focus on VR.

The Kube is literally the coolest speaker we've seen, and it's finally coming out

Kube's combination of Bluetooth speaker and handy beverage cooler caught our interest out of the gate, and while the company took its time getting everything just right, the (literally) cool speaker is finally going on sale in…
Movies & TV

Latest ‘Star Trek Beyond’ trailer sets fresh footage over Rihanna’s new single

It's aliens, action, and Rihanna's new single, 'Sledgehammer,' in the latest trailer for Paramount Pictures' sci-fi sequel, 'Star Trek Beyond,' directed by Justin Lin and scheduled to hit theaters July 22, 2016.

Unlike a Nexus, Google will build its first smartphone on its own

To curb Android fragmentation, Google could produce its first smartphone by the end of this year. Unlike the search giant's line of Nexus devices, this would be built ground up by Google itself.

A bug in Chrome makes video stream piracy way too easy

Ripping legal streams of copyrighted content is nothing new, but rarely do you find browsers quite as happy for you to do it as Chrome seems to be. A new bug makes it a cinch to download just about any streamed video.

25 impressive cases and covers for iPad Air 2 and iPad Air

It looks great, it’s comfortable to hold, but even the iPad Air 2 needs some protection. Check out our top picks for the best iPad Air 2 cases to add function and style to your Apple tablet. We've got iPad Air too.