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Professor Einstein is a cute little robot that will teach you about physics

If you've ever dreamed of a miniature Albert Einstein walking around your kitchen table and teaching you about the theory of general relativity, you'll love the new toy from Hanson Robotics.

AT&T's International Day Pass nets unlimited data, calls, and texts for $10 a day

AT&T's new International Day Pass promises steeply discounted rates for overseas unlimited data, texting, and calling. It launched on Sunday for new and existing mobile subscribers.

Only 60 people have sent Faraday Future money for its FF91 production EV

Business Insider is reporting that Faraday Future has only amassed 60 pre-orders for its $180,000 FF91 production car. Without significant changes financially or structurally, Faraday may not have a Future.
Home Theater

The Vifa Oslo Bluetooth speaker packs high-end audio into a minimalist design

Vifa's drivers have been found inside high-end audio gear for some time now, but the company has finally put them into a product of its own with the stylish new Oslo Bluetooth speaker.
DT Daily

Sprint invests $200 million in big boost to Jay-Z’s Tidal music service 2:46

Also today: Tesla updates their Autopilot system, but not all cars can use it, and 2017 Chromebook laptops will have a cool new feature.

Study linking video-game shooting skill to firearm accuracy retracted

First-person shooter experts may want to schedule some more practice on the firing range, as Ohio State University has retracted a study linking FPS gameplay to skill with handguns.

Nokia may be cooking up a giant 18.4-inch tablet for MWC

Nokia is aiming to launch six or seven devices by year's end, and it appears one of them could be a powerful 18.4-inch tablet running Android 7.0 that may make its debut as soon as Mobile World Congress next month.

A peek at canceled ‘Sin City’ game makes us wish we could actually play it

In 2007, an Australian game studio began work on a Sin City prequel story. Unfortunately, creative differences and money issues prevented it from reaching production. This Assassin's Creed-style take on Sin City looked promising.

Samsung confirms it will launch a Galaxy Note 8 despite its Note 7 fiasco

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a PR nightmare, but that doesn't mean Samsung is giving up on the note lineup altogether. Here's everything we know about the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so far.

Apple AirPods users are reporting dropped connectivity during phone calls

Apple's AirPods are largely hailed as a great accessory for iPhone 7 users -- but they don't come without their issues. For example, users are reporting that AirPods are randomly dropping connectivity during phone calls.
Home Theater

Bose QC35 vs. Sony MDR-1000X: Which noise-canceling headphones reign supreme?

It's a battle royale between the Bose QC35 and Sony MDR-1000x wireless noise cancelling headphones. We spent 25 hours on a plane comparing the two to figure out which is best, and why.
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Aziz Ansari offers humorous take on current political climate in SNL monologue

Aziz Ansari delivered a nine-minute monologue for Saturday Night Live, denouncing the "casual racists," addressing the current political climate, and urging President Donald Trump to help put a stop to the spread of hate speech.