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Game of Thrones recap, ‘Blood Of My Blood’: Plates spin and a very old face returns

On this week's episode of Game of Thrones, "Blood Of My Blood," several characters prepare for their next moves, and a possibly familiar face makes a return. Check out our recap for all the details.

MediaTek’s Pump Express 3.0 charges your phone from dead to 70% in just 20 minutes

During Computex 2016, MediaTek announced Pump Express 3.0, the newest iteration to the company's quick-charging solution. According to MediaTek, your phone will go from 0 to 70 percent in just 20 minutes.

Breaking the law not your thing? Here are 10 sites for free, legal music downloads

Free music isn't tough to find on the web, but finding music that is both free and legal to download is something else. Check out our handpicked selection of the best free and legal sites for downloading music.

Volvo predicts it will have fully autonomous cars for sale by 2020

Stepping up its game in the driverless car world arena, Volvo says it will surpass other carmakers and not require driver attention by 2020. Testing in Sweden, China, and England using Nvidia's GPU deep-learning system will enable full…

You can download the Bible Emoji — a Bible written with emojis

So put down the King James and pick up your 21st-century version of God's word -- that's right, friends. The Emoji Bible is here. For $2.99, you too can own Bible Emoji, available on the Apple App Store today.
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Velohub Blinkers are bike turn signals made the right way, plus lasers

Velohub's Blinkers gives cyclists a streamlined turn signal light system with headlight, brake light, and laser lane lights for bikes to encourage drivers to give riders space. Blinkers are up for backing now on Kickstarter.
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Toyota reportedly in talks to buy Boston Dynamics

According to multiple reports, Toyota Research Institute, a branch of Toyota Motors, is in talks with Google to buy Boston Dynamics, with a source telling Tech Insider that the "ink is nearly dry."

India bars Apple from selling refurbished iPhones within its borders

India denied Apple's request to sell refurbished iPhones in the country. According to the Indian government, just because the iPhones will be sold directly from Apple doesn't exempt the company from separate regulatory requirements.

French workers are getting their lunch from Nestor, a new lunch startup

There's a lot to be envied about French culture. There's the 35-hour week, the abundance of cheese, and the notion that wine should cost less than water. And now, there's Nestor, the company that's delivering lunch directly to workers.
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Here's the speech Steven Spielberg gave Harvard University's graduating class

Steven Spielberg spoke to Harvard University's graduating class about the value of "character-defining moments" during a commencement speech he provided last week in Cambridge, Massachusetts.