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LeEco update marks the debut of an app drawer for two of its smartphones

LeEco announced a software update for its Le Pro 3 and Le S3 phones that updates its Android overlay with an app drawer and other improvements. The update will be pushed out over the next three days.

Iris eTrike offers the comfort of a tiny car while remaining eco-friendly

Inventor Grant Sinclair has come up with a working design called the IRIS eTrike. This small, motorized vehicle is the spiritual successor to the Sinclair C5 vehicle that his uncle, Sir Clive Sinclair, developed in 1985.

Is your Razer Blade’s fan too loud? Never fear, a fix is on the way

Owners of the non-Kaby Lake version of the 2016 Razer Blade gaming notebook have been complaining about excessive fan noise, even when the machines are idle. The good news is that Razer is aware of the problem, and is working on a fix.

Porsche’s new Panamera sports sedan gets a high-voltage flagship model

Porsche has introduced a range-topping version of the Panamera powered by a V8-electric hybrid drivetrain. The Turbo S E-Hybrid is one of the world's quickest sports sedans, yet it can drive on electricity alone.
Movies & TV

How ‘Rogue One’ brought a famous actor back to life, and changed movies forever

A combination of innovative, hands-on filming techniques and groundbreaking advances in facial mapping earned Rogue One an Oscar nomination, and a place among the year's best visual-effects experiences.

The ResiConnect is an IoT mousetrap that’ll set you back $1,600

Who knew getting rid of such a plebeian problem could be so ... expensive? If you want to exterminate your home of rodents the high-tech way, you'll need to spend an impressive $1,600 for the ResiConnect.
Home Theater

There’s more to Ruark Audio’s new speaker system than just a Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth speakers give us the chance to hear our favorite tunes wherever we are, but Ruark Audio's updated MR1 Mk2 speaker system takes versatility to a new level, adding in a range of connectivity options for greater flexibility.
Cool Tech

China has a flamethrower drone, and a surprisingly good use for it

For this Chinese power company, it seems ladders and hydraulic platforms just don't cut it when it comes to clearing trash caught on power lines. That's why it's started using a flamethrower drone instead.

Acer's latest monitor isn't what you might think

Acer's launched a new smart device that it says can detect all the nasty stuff floating about in your home or office. The "Air Monitor" connects with your smartphone, supports IFTTT, and also communicates via LED lights.

Lyft rolls into 50 more U.S. markets to take the fight to Uber

Lyft launched its ride-sharing service in more than 50 additional U.S. cities on Thursday, taking it within six of its year-end goal of 300. In comparison, Uber currently operates in around 210 cities across the country.
Social Media

Twitter safe search will now automatically hide ‘sensitive’ content on Android

One of Twitter's latest anti-abuse features is now automatically enabled on Android. The move sees the platform take a more proactive approach by hiding offensive tweets from various sections of its site using algorithms.

Texting 2.0: Google rebrands Messenger to support next-gen SMS

To enforce a seamless experience on RCS-supported networks like Sprint, Rogers, Orange, and Telenor, Google is rebranding Messenger, the default texting application on some Android devices, to Android Messages.