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Volvo has been suspicious of Volkswagen's TDI diesel engine for years

Volvo wanted to sell diesels in the United States, but it couldn't match VW's TDI engine in terms of fuel economy, emissions, and performance, and its engineers couldn't understand why. Now we know.
Virtual Reality

HTC heads up group investing $10 billion in virtual reality

If there was any doubt about the future of virtual reality, put it to rest now. HTC has formed the world's biggest VR venture capital group, with a combined $10 billion of deployable capital which should help fund huge advances in VR…

Replay value: 2K Games remasters ‘BioShock’ in high-res

In a press release, publisher 2K games will be releasing 'BioShock: The Collection' later this year. It will include all three BioShock games, remastered, with all DLC. There will also be a director's commentary included with the first…

Here’s a high-tech way to find out if your new designer bag is genuine or a fake

Worried your new designer bag isn't genuine, but a convincing fake? One company has had enough, and decided to integrate special smartphone-readable NFC tags into the label to prove authenticity once and for all.
Cool Tech

NASA explains why Jupiter-bound mission is important

Scientists aren’t entirely sure why the Jovian magnetic field is so powerful. One theory states that, deep within Jupiter, a layer of metallic hydrogen is crunched to such a high pressure that it serves as a sort of electrical conductor.

Need help with image composition? This card lets you apply the Golden Ratio

Use the Golden Section Finder, a pocket-sized, transparent card, to apply the famed Golden Ratio, and locate the proportional perfection in your surroundings ideal for an image.

Former rival gang members working together to promote peace in gripping documentary

Ad agencies aren’t known for telling community stories unless there’s a paying client attached to the project, but when L.A.-based agency Omelet found itself in a position to tell a powerful story, it jumped at the chance.

Not a turn off: These wireless earphones use magnets as a power switch

No more messing around with fiddly buttons, or accidentally forgetting to turn the power off on your wireless headphones. The B&O Play Beoplay H5 wireless earphones have magnets inside the ear buds that when snapped together, turn off the…

DXOMark testing reveals EOS-1D X Mark II has the best Canon sensor ever

Canon is really hitting its stride with sensors lately. The enthusiast EOS-80D proved to be the best-performing APS-C Canon ever, and now the 1D X Mark II has done the same thing for professional, full frame cameras.

Does Verizon have a data rollover plan up its sleeve?

According to a leaked image, Verizon will introduce a new data rollover program for all of its customers. We should hear more about this program and others sometime soon -- perhaps as early as next week.
Social Media

Landmark privacy ruling in Belgium could end Facebook's European woes

Facebook has won an important legal battle in Belgium that allows it to continue to track the web activity of non-users of its social network. The country's data watchdog now plans to file a counter appeal against the social network.

Amazon’s announcement of second Prime Day prompts Walmart to act

Amazon's second Prime Day sales extravaganza has been set for July 12. Last year's one-day shopping event apparently generated more business than Amazon's biggest-ever Black Friday, though some shoppers lambasted it for offering few items…