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Health & Fitness

Automated insulin delivery system for diabetes management gets FDA approval

In a groundbreaking development for people with Type 1 Diabetes, the FDA just approved the first ever Closed Loop Hybrid insulin delivery system. Also known as an artificial pancreas, the system automates insulin dosing.

What sort of hardware does your PC need to play games at 4K resolution?

4K display tech is here, but there's more to running stuff at such a high display resolution than just handing over the dough for a 4K-equipped display. Learn more about what your PC needs to co-exist and thrive with 4K here.

Google’s home delivery service is expanding to 13 more states on the East Coast

Google announced it is expanding its home delivery service to be available in a dozen more states. Express will also no longer deliver perishable groceries.

Spotify reportedly mulling SoundCloud purchase to add to its streaming library

The world's leading paid music service, Spotify, is reportedly in advanced talks to purchase popular emerging music platform, SoundCloud, which currently boasts nearly 175 million monthly users.

Man sets out to sue Microsoft over Windows 10 upgrade nag screen, gets some cash

A tech consultant was forced to reinstall a PC's operating system because of an automatic Windows 10 upgrade. He intended to sue but received a little cash from Microsoft that was donated to an Alzheimer's charity in honor of his…

Watch out Apple! Xiaomi reveals plans to open 1,000 retail stores by 2020

Apple may have some retail competition on its hands. Xiaomi has announced plans to open 1,000 retail stores by 2020, representing a shift in the company's strategies, which have traditionally been based on web sales.

Messaging Showdown: WhatsApp vs. iMessage vs. Facebook Messenger vs. Allo

Apple's overhauled iMessage is finally here, as is Google's latest message app, Allo. But how do they pair compare with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp? Check out our quick-hit comparison for a closer look at each platform.

Health insurance giant Aetna to subsidize Apple Watch for its customers

If you are a customer of Aetna, you could soon get a subsidized Apple Watch. Health insurance giant Aetna has announced a new initiative to make the Apple Watch available to its customers at a cheaper price than usual.

Would you like your Amazon Prime delivery left inside your door?

August smart locks and Garageio connected garage door openers are being tested with an unnamed Seattle-based retailer for in-home package delivery service. Best guess? Amazon is prepping another home delivery option for Prime members.

Raspberry Pi operating system gets a visual upgrade with the launch of PIXEL

The Raspbian operating system for the Raspberry Pi board just received a visual upgrade called PIXEL. It provides a cleaner look backed by new backgrounds, revamped icons, a special rendering package for fonts, redesigned windows, and more.
Movies & TV

Honest Trailers pokes fun at the ‘Warcraft’ movie, calls it a ‘high-budget mess’

Screen Junkies has uses the 'Warcraft' movie as inspiration for its latest video in the Honest Trailers series. The parody trailer takes the film to task for its tangle of plot lines, lack of an ending, and more.

Here’s everything we know about ‘Kingdom Hearts III’

Nearly a decade since the last main series entry, anticipation for 'Kingdom Hearts III' has reached a fever pitch as we approach a possible 2017 release. Here is everything we know so far.