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Cool Tech

3Doodler Start is a new low-temperature 3D printing pen designed for kids

The 3Doodler Start looks, feels, and operates almost exactly like the company's original printing pen, but thanks to some incredible chemical engineering from 3Doodler, the filament it uses can be melted at relatively low temperatures.

XCOM 2 bad guys say the darnedest things

XCOM 2 advent soliders say some really weird stuff in this "Bad Lip Reading"-style video. WARNING: Once you hear what they say, you may never be able to take the game seriously again.

Japanese robot is excellent at mobile puzzler Puzzles & Dragons

A Japanese roboticist has built a rig that can play popular mobile match-3 game Puzzles & Dragons with uncanny skill. Junya Sakamoto shows off his creation's capabilities in a video.

Afraid your ancient PC can't handle the Rift? Oculus Ready PC pre-orders start next week

As part of a broad campaign to put Oculus Ready hardware into the homes of its potential customers, a trio of manufacturers will open pre-orders on VR-friendly PCs and bundles next week.

Your Valentine’s Day date could be a dog, and we mean that literally

Valentine's Day is around the corner and you just realized that you don't have a date. How about giving man's best friend a shot? The Bark 'N' Borrow app can help you find just what you're looking for.
Movies & TV

CBS’ new Star Trek series to launch under command of Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller

CBS is putting the reigns of its upcoming Star Trek TV series in the hands of franchise vets. The studio has announced that Bryan Fuller, who wrote and co-produced previous chapters, will co-create the new series.
Android Army

Samsung’s new trademark might mean ambient notifications for its next major smartphone

Samsung has applied for the trademark "Always On Display" in the U.S., which offers a hint that it may plan to introduce an ambient notification feature in its next flagship smartphones.

Intel says tomorrow’s processor technology ‘will be fundamentally different’

Intel is making a fundamental change to the way it develops its processors, a change that's going to require some serious rethinking, as well as some help from quantum mechanics.
Home Theater

The Full House reunion amps up with new trailer ahead of Fuller House premiere

The first trailer for the upcoming Netflix revival series Fuller House debuted on the Ellen Degeneres show; the throwbacks are plentiful, characters pick up right where they left off, and Kimmy is still stuck in the '90s.

US intelligence director says spies could use smart devices to monitor you

Today U.S director of national intelligence, James Clapper, told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence how IoT and smart home devices could be used to gain information about their owners.

AOC drops the bottom out of 4K market with new $400 display

If you were thinking of jumping onto the 4K monitor bandwagon, but can't afford it, listen up! AOC is set to launch a new 28-inch panel with 4K and FreeSync support, for just $400.

Check out this proposal for an official Monument Valley Lego set

Monument Valley fans rejoice! A fan-made Lego set based on the game is getting traction on the toymaker's community design platform, Lego Ideas.