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What is phubbing, and is it ruining your relationships?

Are you cheating on your friends with your phone? If so, it's got a name and serious side effects. According to new research, the act of phubbing, or phone snubbing, is a very real epidemic in the United States.
Cool Tech

We may be able to grow artificial veins out of self-assembling peptides and proteins

Thanks to the development of a new self-assembling material, scientists believe that they may have found a way to create artificial vessels, and better yet, have these structures grow themselves.

This guy just used virtual reality to propose to his girlfriend (and did it IRL too)

We've toured Syria with VR, been forewarned of the inevitable link between VR and sex, and now, one man has proposed to his girlfriend using the technology. Don't worry, he proposed in real life, too.

This hungry dog was such a menace, his owners spent $37,000 to puppy-proof their home

Rollo the chocolate lab will stop at nothing to get food, so his owners spent nearly $38,000 to remodel their kitchen and dog-proof their home. He's no longer eating through Tupperware to get at cupcakes.

Stephen Colbert named a fish after himself in No Man’s Sky, and so can you!

No Man's Sky is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious games of all time, and Stephen Colbert got to see it in motion on the Late Show, naming a fish after himself as he explored several massive planets.
Cool Tech

Armed with NFC, the Kerv smart ring works like a contactless credit card

Heralded as the "world's first contactless payment ring," this clever little device called the Kerv is much more than a fashion statement -- it is also tied to your bank statement.

Zangief wrestles his way into Street Fighter V

Zangief returns with a new spin on his neck-breaking moves in Street Fighter V. The classic character was revealed in a video at the Russian gaming expo Igomir, beating up on M Bison.

Asus reaches deal with Microsoft, will ship Android devices with preinstalled Office apps

Microsoft appears to be in a peacemaking mood lately. A day after Microsoft and Google reached a deal to drop all pending patent infringement lawsuits, Microsoft announced a truce of sorts with AsusTek Computer Inc., the company behind Asus…