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Infuze lets you switch between water and electrolytes with the turn of a dial

Whether it's hiking along a trail or backpacking to a campsite, hydration is key. Pure water is best, but your body needs electrolytes during prolonged exercise. Until now, hikers have had to commit to one or the other. Infuze has changed…

Make your next ski trip to Aspen easier with the new Snowmass App

Hitting the slopes can be one of the most entertaining ways to spend your vacation. Planning it can be a completely different story. Aspen Snowmass has launched a new app to ensure that a trip to their mountains is an easy one.

Char-Broil wants to bring your BBQ into the 21st century with its new smart grill

The latest kitchen appliance to go smart is your grill, and it's all thanks to Char-Broil and its SmartChef Tru-Infrared Gas Grill. It's a mouthful, sure, but it also promises to deliver a mouthful of deliciousness.

What if all the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things spoke the same language?

Without a single communications standard, IoT growth in smart homes and elsewhere will be stymied. The Open Connectivity Foundation is working on a single platform. The OCF has a fast-growing membership and a list of certified products.

Don't count out net neutrality in Donald Trump's America just yet

If President Obama's signature digital policy achievement -- net neutrality -- is to withstand Trump, the smaller players need to step up. And there are some signs that it just might work.

Leaked high-performance Nokia P1 looks exciting, but there may be more to it than that

A comprehensive leak may have spilled many of the details about the Nokia P1, one of the new devices to be launched by Nokia in 2017. Except the leaked device is very similar to one made by Sharp. Are we being deceived?

From foam snowshoes to 3D-printed insoles, the best gear from Outdoor Retailer 2017

The Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City showcased some amazing advances in outdoor gear, from synthetic insulation that mimics the best of down, to lightweight foam snowshoes. These are the best of the best.

This drone-photo firm just paid a massive fine over alleged illegal flights

A company that uses drones to capture aerial imagery for clients has just paid $200,000 to settle a dispute with the FAA. The FAA had accused it of conducting illegal flights, though the company, SkyPan, at no time admitted to any…
Cool Tech

At last! Makers of Japan’s high-tech toilets will unify symbols for foreign tourists

Japan has been making high-tech, button-laden toilets for years, but different companies adorn them with different symbols. This has caused some issues – and surprises – for foreign tourists, but the good news is that this is all about…
Cool Tech

Drone owners warned to keep their UAVs away from Friday’s inauguration

The security services will have enough on their plate at Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday without having to deal with a load of hobbyist drone pilots trying to get some aerial footage of the event. So it's warning people to leave their…
Virtual Reality

Facebook plans to invest $3 billion in virtual reality over the next decade

Virtual reality isn't doing as well as Facebook expected, according to the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg. But it has a plan to change that, and it involves a massive investment to improve the tech.
Social Media

Facebook’s first startup incubator to open inside massive Station F in Paris

Facebook is putting its stamp on the world’s biggest startup space. Station F in Paris — which was formerly a railway depot — will be home to the social network’s first business incubator, dubbed “Startup Garage from Facebook.”