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The Apple iPhone SE gamble paid off — sales of device are outstripping supply

Apple took a big gamble with the iPhone SE, but it seems as though that gamble is paying off. iPhone SE sales are reportedly higher than even Apple expected, outstripping supply and leading to wait times on the Apple Store.

FBI will not disclose technique used to unlock shooter’s iPhone

The FBI has decided to not disclose the method it used to hack the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. It's a move that will likely tick Apple and privacy advocates off, but the FBI claims its agents do not know the details of the…

From D’Angelo to Springsteen: Here are our favorite Prince tributes

It's almost been a week since legendary songwriter Prince passed away, and the world's still reeling. Here are some of the best musical tributes for the Purple One, plus one show-stopping tribute by the man himself.

Third-party Minecraft community lost 7 million user passwords, and didn’t inform users

Minecraft community Lifeboat is under fire after a series of security errors facilitated a major breach, with up to seven million users thought to be affected.
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HBO’s new aftershow delves deep into Game of Thrones — and it’s free for now

HBO is giving Game of Thrones enthusiasts one more way to obsess over the hit series right now. The network has posted the first episode of the new aftershow After the Thrones online for free.
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Don't be fooled by its cute exterior; This robotic guard can tase people who get unruly

The National Defense University in China unveiled the country's first "intelligent security guard," equipped with on-board cameras, an SOS button, and a taser.

Now you can play Minecraft from the comfort of your Samsung Gear VR

You can now buy Minecraft in yet another format with its $7 Gear VR debut, featuring everything from the Pocket Edition to two new VR-specific viewing modes.
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Apple’s earnings hit the skids, buy the stock now 3:07

Listening to the pundits, you’d think Apple was about to close up shop and call it a day after reporting a drop in sales for the first time in 51 quarters. So what's the deal?
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50 startups go to bat (and one walks home with cash) in the first-ever PitchfestNW

Debuting in 2016, PitchfestNW pits 50 hungry startups against one another for the attention of venture capitalists, and a grand prize that includes press, VC consultation, and cold, hard cash. Meet the five that made it to finals and the…

You can now ‘find a time’ that works for everyone with Google Calendar for Android

Having trouble finding a time to meet with others? Google Calendar for Android is now able to analyze the calendar of those involved in the meeting, and "find a time" to meet. The feature is already available on desktop.

Don’t have a meltdown, but German officials just found malware in a nuclear reactor

Workers at a German nuclear power plant discovered a wealth of malware on a system used for monitoring fuel rods, but nothing bad happened because the machine isn't connected to the Internet.