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New Rihanna album Anti allegedly coming exclusively via Tidal this Friday

A new Rihanna album is allegedly coming Friday, reports say. Tech giant Samsung has sponsored the record, the singer's eighth, in a $25 million dollar deal announced earlier this fall. 

Recently is the app that turns your photos into an artsy monthly magazine

Looking for a way to share your digital photos in an analog medium? Turn them into a monthly magazine with Recently, a monthly subscription service that prints your most recent photos in a beautifully bound periodical.

Sprint will give you a free 24-inch HDTV if you activate an LG G4 on its network for Black Friday

Trying not to be outdone by its competitors, Sprint unveiled its own Black Friday deals. Of note is a free 24-inch LG HDTV if you decide to activate an LG G4 on its network. Of course, that's not the only deal, so read on to learn more.

eSports team Fnatic simplifies competitive gaming with a brand-new line of peripherals

Famous eSports team Fnatic has decided to launch its own line of pro-level PC gaming peripherals through a crowdfunding campaign.
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The stakes are high in new trailer for The Big Short, starring Christian Bale and more

A financial crisis appears to be on the horizon in the new trailer for Paramount Pictures The Big Short. The film centers on a group, played by Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, and Ryan Gosling, who seek to profit from the…
Cool Tech

China and the U.S. just set up a ‘space hotline’ to communicate

The most famous hotline of the hour may be Drake's "Hotline Bling, but it may soon be unseated by another hotline -- the space hotline set up between the United States and China to avoid potential interstellar conflicts.
Cool Tech

A few million years from now, Mars could develop Saturn-like rings

Mars' moon Phobos may have a second life after its eventual breakup in 20-40 million years: forming a ring-like system around the red planet that may last for up to 100 million years.

Prepare your rig for Just Cause 3 with this official specs list

To start your month off right, Just Cause 3 is here next week, and while it promises to be more chaotic -- but somehow at the same time more focused -- than ever, that's obviously going to put some pressure on your PC.

Wolfmother drops anthemic, hard-hitting single Victorious ahead of album release

Aussie hard rockers Wolfmother have released the new single, Victorious, in advance of the 2016 record. After a tumultuous decade, frontman Andrew Stockdale hopes the new record will recreate the success of his band's eponymous 2006…
Cool Tech

Ford’s ‘Drug Driving Suit’ simulates what its like to drive while you’re high as a kite 2:13

Ford's Drug Driving Suit simulates the effects of driving under the influence of drugs in order to promote sober road safety. By challenging physical ability, attention, and awareness, drivers can experience the dangers of drugged…

Snapchat’s Story Explorer lets you view a single event from multiple angles

Snapchat's Story Explorer feature lets you see Live Story highlights from multiple vantage points. It's rolling out in Los Angeles and New York to start, but will roll out to other cities soon.
Home Theater

Disney launches a Netflix-like streaming service — but only in the U.K. for now

Starting today, the U.K. boasts a new Disney streaming service that many a U.S. fan will envy. DisneyLife, which is being billed as "the biggest Disney movie collection in one digital membership" also offers TV shows, books, music, apps…