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Telltale’s polished engine makes ‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Batman’ games look better

The engine Telltale uses for its Walking Dead games has had a face-lift, and will make an appearance when the new series debuts this fall. If you want a sneak peek, though, it's also been used for the upcoming Batman game.

Be a trader, not a traitor, in the latest ‘No Man’s Sky’ trailer

The latest video for No Man's Sky, trade, highlights the entrepreneurial component of the game. Gather resources and sell them for profit, or use them to upgrade your existing gear.

Voyager 4 drone's incredible optical zoom camera will pack 16x magnification

Drone manufacturer Walkera has unveiled Voyager 4, its latest flagship drone, which will feature a camera system capable of capturing a focal range between 10mm and 1500mm.

Between the Streams: Star Trek goes Beyond, Stranger Things 2, Iron Fisting

This week: The new Star Trek movie gets high marks, Stranger Things fever breaks out (as does talk of a second season), the VCR takes one last ride, Louis CK preps his next hilarious series with Pamela Aldon, and so much more.

Get your ’90s on with these Star Fox and Sonic deals

Nintendo is offering a number of Sonic the Hedgehog games at reduced price this week in the eShop, as well as demos for both new Star Fox games. Fans who buy Star Fox Zero digitally will also receive a $5 eShop voucher.
Movies & TV

'Jurassic World' sequel will reportedly head to Hawaii in February for production

A recent, unofficial report indicates that the cameras will begin rolling on the untitled sequel to "Jurassic World" in February 2017, with filming expected to happen in Hawaii for some portion of the production.

‘Pokémon Go’ is making Craigslist even weirder than usual

Craigslist can be weird, but when you mix in 'Pokémon Go', things get wild. From fishy deals, to "'Pokémon Go n' Chill'" solicitations, Craigslist users are taking advantage of the new mobile game's popularity.

‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ shows off high-tech shotguns and mean robots

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's first mission takes players from the ruined streets of Geneva, Switzerland into space for some classic dogfights, and now you can check it out for yourself.

A Washington, D.C., man is alive thanks to Tesla's Autopilot tech

A Model S owner has written Tesla a letter to explain how his car's automatic emergency braking tech prevented a collision with a pedestrian. The owner claims electronic driving aids save lives in spite of their recent bad press.

Xiaomi’s upcoming Windows laptops could pack impressive hardware at very low prices

If the rumors are true, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi could be moving into the Windows laptop space. Leaked slides reveal competitive specs at a good price, but there's more to making a laptop than picking the right parts.
Movies & TV

'Star Trek Beyond' boldly turns Kirk and his crew into action movie heroes

'Star Trek Beyond' turns the intensity up for a fast-paced, high-flying adventure that makes the best of new director Justin Lin's knack for action sequences and takes the series in a new direction.