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Enjoy power in the palm of your hand with the Tiergrade universal power bank, now 60 percent off

With Tiergrade’s highly-rated universal charger and power bank, you won’t be left hunting for an outlet when your devices run dry. Amazon is now offering this portable power house for 60 percent off the normal price.

AOC has a new 35-inch curved display packing a special handle for esports pros

In March, AOC will make available its new Agon AG352UCG 35-inch desktop display with a curvature radius of 2,000mm and Nvidia's G-Sync tech. It will sport a 3,440 x 1,440 resolution and a built-in USB hub packed with four USB 3.0 ports.
Movies & TV

Watch Adam Sandler get kicked off a movie set in Netflix's new 'Sandy Wexler' teaser

Netflix is getting close to releasing its latest Adam Sandler film, Sandy Wexler. The streamer has dropped a new teaser showing the actor as a fumbling talent manager in '90s Hollywood.

Google creates Tilt Brush Toolkit to help 2D artists work better in 3D

Google's Tilt Brush Toolkit joins the Tilt Brush app and Tilt Brush Artist in Residency program to help 2D artists working in 3D and help them showcase their work. The toolkit is available for download now at GitHub.

Trends with Benefits: Tech trends to watch for in 2017

What does 2017 have in store for the tech world? Our experts spent a week at CES 2017 to see that's coming, and now they're here to share that info with you and take your questions live.

Razer could be planning to put flexible OLED displays in your keyboard and mouse

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer filed a patent application for a peculiar type of keyboard and mouse, which might take the firm's signature Chroma LED effects to the next level -- by integrating LCD displays directly underneath the…
Movies & TV

John Oliver hilariously plugs ‘Game of Thrones’ in ‘Last Week Tonight’ promo

HBO has killed multiple birds with one hilarious stone. The promo for John Oliver's Last Week Tonight season 4 plugs several of the premium network's hit series with self-deprecating charm.
Cool Tech

A 19-year-old Stanford student has created a 'Fake News Detector AI'

Stanford student Karan Singhal, 19, developed a neural network which he hopes will help busy internet users quickly identify fake news online using the latest artificial intelligence tools.

Following in Verizon’s footsteps, AT&T is raising its activation and upgrade fees

AT&T has followed in the footsteps of Big Red, and is upping the ante on how much it will charge if you want to upgrade or activate a device. Beginning January 20, you're looking at a $25 charge, up from $20.
Home Theater

Chromecast multiroom, Google Home integration coming to LG’s Music Flow speakers

LG's Music Flow speakers launched with a surprising lack of of multiroom Chromecast audio, but they are finally getting it, along with Google Home integration, allowing for voice-controlled music playback.
Cool Tech

Could our cells one day be connected to our smartphone? Research suggests yes

Researchers have conducted new research that suggests that our cells could one day be used to track our health on a much deeper level -- and even one day connect to our smartphone.

'Super Mario Odyssey': here's everything we know about Mario's latest adventure

'Super Mario Odyssey,' the first open-world Mario game in years, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this holiday season. Here's everything we know, from its diverse setting to new tricks to those mysterious eyes.