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Know your Marvel? Make sure with the new web series Marvel 101 1:10

It's back to school for comic book fans. Marvel Entertainment has launched a new web series, Marvel 101, which provides a crash course on all things related to the superhero universe, including characters, weapons, places, and…
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Netflix films adds rising star Zulay Henao to Kevin James secret agent comedy

Kevin James will be joined by Zulay Henao and Andy Garcia in an upcoming film about an accountant who is mistaken for a secret agent, which will be released exclusively on Netflix.
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The ultimate Black Friday tech deals guide

The craziest holiday saving season is upon us, and here's a look at upcoming Black Friday deals on gadgets and accessories - if you dare brave the lines.

Japanese visual novel Clannad outranks Call of Duty on Steam charts

A recently released localization of Japanese visual novel Clannad briefly unseated Activision's multi-million dollar epic Call of Duty: Black Ops III from the Steam sales charts this week, showing a growing western interest in the genre.

BMW’s i3 will receive a 25 percent improvement in EV range thanks to new batteries

BMW will upgrade batteries on both its fully electric i3 and range-extending model to offer 124 miles of range. The new lithium ion battery improves range from just under 100 miles currently.

Hyundai's Genesis brand will challenge German's elite with a BMW 3 Series rival

Hyundai's newly launched Genesis luxury brand is reportedly planning a BMW 3 Series rival to step the Korean automaker up to German luxury levels. The new model may also spawn a crossover variant.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate looks stunning on PC, assuming you can run it

Another year, another ho-hum Assassin's Creed port. Testing indicates the latest title, Syndicate, requires beefy hardware to run smoothly even at 1080p.
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A long search ago: Google adds gold Star Wars crawl for famed franchise phrase

Type the words 'a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away' into Google, and you'll get a pretty cool result as the mega media company helps celebrate the upcoming launch of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.

Keen Home wants you to install its smart vents starting Black Friday

After making its debut at CES 2015, Keen Home's Smart Vents will now be available for purchase starting Black Friday. The app-controlled vents require a bridge and are compatible with ZigBee and Thread, so they work with Nest.

DxO One camera app adds new shooting modes, Apple Watch support

The DxO One is an add-on camera for iPhone that shoots high-quality images. It may be the best one yet – it sports a high-quality 1-inch sensor, and DxO claims full-frame DSLR-like image quality – but it won't come cheap.
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Michael Biehn reveals more details about Neill Blomkamp's Aliens sequel

We have a few more details about Neill Blomkamp's potential sequel to Aliens, thanks to Corporal Hicks himself, Michael Biehn, who described the plan for the film during a recent interview.

Having $10 in your pocket will now get you the Nokia Lumia 530

If you have $10 in your pocket, you now have choices, as prepaid carrier US Mobile will sell the Nokia Lumia 530 for a measly $10 on November 30. Whether it's better than the $10 LG Lucky LG16, however, is up to you.