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Watch the NBC trailer that has 40 million Facebook views and counting

NBC may have a hit on its hands, at least if the response to its This Is Us trailer is any indication. The preview for the upcoming dramedy series has reached more than 40 million views on Facebook in a week, a record for an…

Say goodbye to passwords on Android: Trust API could launch by the end of the year

Is there such a thing as a password-free world that's truly secure? You bet there is. Android developers will soon be able to use Google's Trust API to ensure you will never have to type a password again.

A nonprofit Uber? Ride Austin promises better driver pay, charity donations

Ride Austin is a new philanthropic, community-driven ride-sharing service for the capital city of Texas. It was created after Uber and Lyft left the city in protest. The new service will allow riders to donate a portion of their fares to a…

Lyft may soon let you book rides up to 24 hours in advance

Lyft is testing a feature that could finally let customers book rides in advance. The feature is currently only being tested by Lyft employees, but could be opened up to customers in the near future.
Home Theater

Oppo’s slick new Sonica wireless speaker is now available for purchase

Oppo Digital is no stranger to premium audio gear, and now its Sonica wireless speaker is available, featuring Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirPlay connectivity in a sleek package designed by the mastermind behind its PM series headphones.

3nder, a dating app for threesomes, looks to sock it to rival Tinder

Tired of going on dates with just one person at a time? There may be a solution, but you'll have to act fast before it's forced out of the dating game. Meet 3nder, the app that lets you bring a third person into your digital…

‘Pac-Man 256’ heads to consoles with bonus multiplayer mode in June

Developer Hipster Whale's mobile smash hit Pac-Man 256 will make the jump from smartphones to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs in June, publisher Bandai Namco Europe announced today.
DT Daily

HTC Vive users port Rift games, Motorola’s Razr flip-phone making a comeback?

HTC Vive users are porting Oculus Rift VR games, Motorola hints at a new Razr flip-phone, Google takes Deep Dream A.I. to the next level with the Magenta research project.

Steam can run on the PlayStation 4 thanks to Arch Linux, a jailbreak, and old firmware

An individual named OsirisX managed to install Arch Linux on the PlayStation 4, enabling him to run the Steam client and the Bastion game without any visual problems. OsirisX used patched Radeon libraries provided by homebrew…
Cool Tech

DARPA is developing an underwater GPS alternative that relies on sound waves

DARPA is inviting proposals for an underwater navigation system that relies on acoustic sound waves in order to replace GPS, which doesn't work underwater. It could help submarines executing military operations, maintenance robots, and…

Pebble says we’re ‘in for a treat’ — Will it be a new smartwatch?

Pebble seems to have a big announcement up its sleeve -- the company has begun counting down to a product reveal on its website. But what will that product be? A new smartwatch, perhaps? Maybe a software update?
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Star Trek Beyond to open Comic-Con San Diego with unprecedented premiere

Star Trek Beyond is going big for its world premier -- very big. The team behind the film plans to unveil it at Comic-Con San Diego 2016 in IMAX, and they've added a twist that is enough to make any movie fan salivate.