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Serial revisits season one for Adnan Syed’s new hearing

Serial season 1 subject Adnan Syed is getting his day in court again, and this time, it's for a hearing that could potentially lead to a retrial. The podcast is keeping listeners up to date by releasing short new episodes.

Now you can make calls, text, and control your Android Wear Watch with gestures

Your smartwatch just got smarter. Android Wear 1.4 Marshmallow introduces big new features, including support for phone calls on select devices, support for third-party messaging app dictation, and a bevy of new gestures.
Movies & TV

The Revenant gets way more fun(ny) when you add sounds and graphics from Tony Hawk Pro Skater

What happens when you take a beloved, but admittedly corny video game and mix it with a solid movie smothered in Oscar gold dust? That's right, boys and girls, it's "Leo DiCaprio's Pro Revenant!"

Court fines Apple a whopping $625 million over FaceTime and VPN patent infringement

A jury in a Texas court has ordered Apple to pay holding company VirnetX $625 million for infringing on its security-related patents. Apple says it will appeal the verdict.

What’s a multicooker, and do you need one?

Most people know what a slow cooker is, but multicookers definitely haven't found their way into every kitchen. These machines are often smaller than slow cookers but perform a boatload of options, from steaming to rice cooking to browning…

EA now accepting signups for Mirror's Edge Catalyst prerelease beta 2:02

Electronic Arts is now accepting signups for a Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta launching ahead of the game's retail release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs in May.
Social Media

We’re not sure if #BeforeFacebookI makes us want to laugh or cry

While Facebook is celebrating its 12th birthday on Friends Day, others are remembering back to a time before the social network ruled (or ruined) their lives, with comedic results.

It's an S year for the Apple Watch: Analyst claims an improved chip and battery are in store this March

Rumors about the Apple Watch 2 are starting to heat up. Reports say it will be more independent, have better fitness support, and come in more styles. If the reports are correct, a March 15 event date may introduce new models and bands for…

Ween has a massive 94-song set planned for three-day reunion concert

The band Ween is set to reunite for a three-day reunion concert in Colorado, and they'll start big with a 94-song set, without any repeats. A handful of additional shows have also been confirmed.

Asus' ROG Swift PG348Q gaming monitor bears a potent design with high-end specs

Accompanied by a 3,440 x 1,440 pixel resolution display and a premium £1,000 price tag, Asus' ROG Swift PG348Q might be the ultra-wide curved gaming monitor you've been in the market for.

Porsche says no to autonomous cars: ‘One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself’

In a recent interview, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said that his company has no plans to develop an autonomous vehicle. The executive said that a performance brand should focus on building drivers cars.
Social Media

Facebook users have 3.5 degrees of separation from one another, data shows

It's not a milestone, but Facebook is bringing a lot of attention to its 12th birthday. Its research team released data that shows how close Facebook users are to one another. Plus, custom Friends Day video and #BeforeFacebookI.