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Want Hollywood results on a budget? Here’s the best free video editing software

Video-editing software doesn't have to cost you a paycheck and a half. Here are some of our favorite pieces of free software for making quick and extensive edits, so you can channel your inner Hollywood director.
Product Review

Samsung UN55KU7000 4K Ultra HD TV Review

You don't need to drop four digits for 4K sparkle from Samsung's KU7000
Virtual Reality

Google could be working on a new VR headset that utilizes eye tracking

According to recent reports, Google's virtual reality plans don't stop with Daydream -- the company may also be working on a headset with eye-tracking that can scan the environment around the user to create a virtual environment.

What to expect from Microsoft’s October 26 event, and where to watch

Microsoft has been particularly cagey about the event, dropping hints here and there, but not much else. We'll be there reporting live, but what should you expect from Microsoft's October surprise?

After Friday’s attack, XiongMai recalls millions of devices that use its tech

Internet-connected devices that use XiongMai's components will be recalled in the wake of Friday's massive DDoS attack. This will mostly consist of webcams although the company also provides motherboards for many web-connected DVRs.

GoPro Awards celebrates 1-year anniversary, and a cool $1 million in payments

This month marked the first anniversary of the GoPro Awards, the program started by the action camera company to support the best content being created on its cameras. Over $1 million has been awarded to content creators around…

Nvidia has licensed Rambus technology to help identify new attack vulnerabilities

Today, a deal between Rambus and Nvidia to license the former's security countermeasures is an example of how companies are working to keep these more hidden vulnerabilities protected,

Camera deals: GoPro, Nest Security Camera, Lytro Illum, more from $66

The days of the simple point-and-shoot are long gone. We've rounded up deals on some of today's most-wanted and unconventional cameras, from Lytro's wedge-shaped Illum to Alphabet's home-monitoring Nest Security Camera. Best of all, they're…

Designer inspired by Iceland creates holographic dress with a photo printer

The secret behind the shimmery material in Yuima Nakazato's work involves images printed onto a film-like material, then folded into more than 1,000 shapes. Fujifilm recently shared its part in the designer's creative process.
Movies & TV

It will be all female directors for the second season of 'Jessica Jones'

Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg says all 13 episodes of the show's second season will be directed by women when the show returns to Netflix, likely at some point in 2018.
Product Review

Escort iX Review

Crowdsourcing and smart filters make the Escort iX brilliantly effective.

‘On the field things only happen once.’ Shooting sports with Clive Brunskill

The career of pro sports photographer Clive Brunskill is nothing if not remarkable. The Brit's consistently outstanding work has earned him multiple awards over the years, and brought him offers from global brands that's taken his imagery…