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APC TravelPower Backpack Review

  • Well-designed pockets and pouches
  • reduces cable clutter and travel weight
  • universal power.
  • Lack of Apple support
  • USB chargers not available for all devices.
Our Score 9

APC Biometric Password Manager Review

  • Easy to setup and use
  • effortless password management
  • never have to remember a password again
  • Software uses a lot of resources
  • can't easily close the software
Our Score 9

Ahanix iMON Review

  • Compatible with almost every Windows program
  • functional mouse feature
  • easy to setup.
  • No record
  • page up
  • page down or enter buttons
  • mouse takes time to get used to.
Our Score 9

Myo Gesture Control Armband Review

  • Easy setup
  • Expandable design
  • Broad compatibility
  • Super fast and responsive
  • Growing library of apps/integrations
  • Limited range of gestures
  • Perfect calibration takes a few tries
Our Score 9

Logitech io Personal Digital Pen Review

  • Great for meetings
  • taking notes
  • Bad character recognition
Our Score 8

APC Back-UPS ES 725 Review

  • Protects computer
  • monitor and peripherals from power events;…
  • A few quirks in the monitoring software
Our Score 8

Blue Microphones Spark Digital Review

  • Cool design
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Extremely mobile
  • Full and clear sound
  • High noise floor
  • Volume/gain increments too large
  • No case/standard shock mount included
Our Score 8

Contour Design NoteRiser Review

  • Lightweight
  • very portable
  • sleek and professional look
  • adjustable height
  • Price makes it more of a luxury item
  • could use more rubber feet for support
Our Score 8