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BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two is out today, so here’s a new trailer

The final DLC drop for BioShock Infinite – not to mention the final effort from Irrational Games following its sudden closure earlier this year – is out today, and here’s a launch trailer that sets up the events of Burial at Sea – Episode Two. The particulars of the story in Episode One delve heavily into spoiler territory, so let’s just say that this second chapter returns to Rapture, only this time with you in control of Elizabeth.

In truth, you might want to skip this trailer entirely. Story is the biggest hook for any BioShock game, and the Burial at Sea DLC’s return to Andrew Ryan’s undersea city of Rapture has been filled with surprises. Plenty of familiar characters return in this final content offering for Infinite, which supposedly wraps up the BioShock story once and for all (until 2K Games hands the job of building a new one to a different studio, that is).

The $9.99 pack is now available on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, though you’ll be able to download it at no charge if you already own BioShock Infinite‘s Season Pass, which also includes Burial at Sea – Episode One and the combat-focused Clash in the Clouds DLC.