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‘Borderlands 2’ short film unleashes the power of imagination and face-punching

Here’s a cool, little short film/trailer that Gearbox Software cooked up to promote the most recent Borderlands 2 DLC release, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Mostly, it’s an excuse to put the big, brutish Brick’s words into the mouth of the petite-yet-kickass siren, Maya.

Let’s set the scene: Brick and Tiny Tina have been captured and dragged off to the heart of a Hyperion detention complex. The weapons manufacturer’s armored soldiers are still none-too-happy about the death of their former boss, Handsome Jack, at the hands of some good-for-nothing Vault Hunters. They want revenge, and their two captives have information necessary for meting out that vengeance.

This really does tie into the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired setting that Dragon Keep embraces. No joke. Just watch and you’ll see.