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Butt-stomp and jetpack your way to glory in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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There’s a whole lot of Borderlands coming our way in 2014. Seriously. It’s kind of nutty, really. It’s not like there’s a proper sequel on the way, but there is plenty to keep us happy for a while to come. First we’ve got the PlayStation Vita release of Borderlands 2 in May. Then, possibly right around the same time, Telltale Games will kick off its own episodic series in Gearbox Software’s universe, Tales from the Borderlands. Finally, as we learned today, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel arrives in the fall to tell a story the bridges the gap between the series’ first two games.

The Pre-Sequel shifts all of the action off of Pandora and over to the alien planet’s moon, Elpis. Low-gravity is a thing. Airless environments are a thing. You’ve got jetpacks. A butt-stomp maneuver. A billions-strong arsenal of firearms, bolstered by new Cryo and laser weapons. We’re many months away from 2014’s the original Borderlands gameplay, but this video – which discusses the relationship between Gearbox and Pre-Sequel lead developer 2K Australia – gives you a peek at all of the neat stuff mentioned above.

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