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New video shows off Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s future tech and exoskeletons

The latest video from Activision and Sledgehammer Games shows off Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s arsenal of near-future military toys, which takes current, experimental technologies and extends them into their awesome, fully-realized future states.

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The threat-detection grenade casts a digital net on its surroundings, bypassing barriers and highlighting hostiles on your in-helmet HUD for informed tactical decision-making. The mobile barricade takes cover-based shooting on the road with a robotic, bullet-proof glass barrier that syncs to your movements as you work your way across the battlefield. Hover-vehicles allow for improved mobility across any type of terrain. Of course it wouldn’t feel like the future without lasers, so directed energy weapons have been introduced as a new class of weapon as well.

Lastly, the video spends its second half highlighting the exoskeletons that bring the most substantial gameplay changes to the franchise. Whether you’re tearing a car door off for a shield, effortlessly leaping on top of a bus, or climbing like Spiderman up the side of a building, the exoskeletons are meant to make you feel like a superhero, adding some much-needed spice to the refined Call of Duty combat.