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Dying Light spells out its greatness in giant letters across the cityscape

All signs point to the continued delays on Techland’s open world zombie game Dying Light being worth the wait. The Dead Island developer shifted gears with this Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment-published game, keeping the melee focus and creative combat of the series it built for Deep Silver, but injecting it with new tricks like parkour and nighttime survival scenarios.

This latest trailer gives a good sense of how Dying Light differentiates itself, though those looking for honest-to-goodness gameplay will want to zero in on the first-person perspective moments. There’s a cinematic flair to this trailer that works very well, but Dying Light‘s actual play keeps your eyes anchored within the head of your virtual avatar.

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With some months still to go before Dying Light‘s February 2015 release on PC and PlayStation/Xbox consoles, we’ve got a good feeling that Techland will be able to bring this one home in style.