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Enter The Secret World

When Funcom first announced its MMORPG that would eventually become The Secret World, people were excited. An MMORPG set in the modern day, but in a world that sits almost at an angle to our own, containing all the supernatural horrors of myth sounded like a winner. But that was back in 2007.

A lot has changed since then. Four years is a long time to keep people’s interest for an MMORPG (unless there is a “Star Wars” somewhere mixed into the title), and if the hemorrhaging that World of Warcraft is currently experiencing is any indication, it’s possible that people have just lost interest in MMORPGs, at least as they are today.

Then again, maybe fans are just looking for something new, and if so, The Secret World may be the answer. Set in a modern day setting, you align yourself with one of three groups: The Templars based out of London, The Illuminati from New York or The Dragons located in Seoul. Regardless of your allegiance, you travel the world to help prevent a mysterious dark invasion, while fighting or making deals with everything from demons to vampires.

The Secret World is due out for PC and Xbox 360 later this year or early next.