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Evolve’s Distillery map gets everyone nice and cozy for snowstorms

Evolve won’t be out until February 10, 2015, but that didn’t stop Turtle Rock Studios from heading out to Gamescom 2014 to offer fans a first look at the game’s Distillery map. What we have here is a brief, commentary-laden glimpse taken from the end of a match between the Kraken monster, revealed at E3, and four hunters: Hyde the Assault, Lazarus the Medic, Hank the Support, and Griffin the Trapper.

This marks the first time Turtle Rock and publisher 2K Games have given fans a look at what it’s like to mix and match between the two sets of four hunters that have been revealed thus far. You don’t get a great sense of how the team dynamic changes from this brief clip, but this is at least visual confirmation that hunters can be mixed and matched.

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The Distillery is described as one of Evolve‘s smaller maps. It’s set in an icy region that is threatened by frequent, dynamically appearing snowstorms. The map features an assortment of hostile wildlife that both the hunters and the monster have to contend with, but the focus in this video is on the final 4v1 showdown at the end of the match.

Evolve comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 10, 2015.

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