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Harmonix is making a shooter called Chroma, and you can sign up for alpha access now

Chroma looks completely crazy, but it’s the good kind of crazy. You know, the sort of crazy that birthed games like Rock Band and Dance Central. Now Harmonix is making a shooter. A freaking shooter! Of course there’s music in it. We’ve played a very early version. It’s rough, but the concept is dead-on. Some of you will be able to play the same early version of the game soon as well, provided you sign up for the alpha on the game’s official website.

The newly released teaser doesn’t contain any gameplay, but it conveys a sense of what Harmonix and collaborating studio Hidden Path Entertainment – the team behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – are going for: Techno robo-things beating the crap out of each other with musical weapons in a world that looks like Tron

Check out our preview for a better sense of how the game flows (in its current form). If you’re at all curious, just go an sign up for the alpha. It all makes much more sense once you sit down and play it.