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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer greets E3 with the Gravewalker

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We’re just days away from E3, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has a new CG trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor to get you in the mood. Talion, the game’s protagonist and so-called “Gravewalker” that the trailer is named for, journeys through Mordor with help from a mysterious Wraith Spirit that’s possessed him and given him Nazgul-like powers. As we learn in this trailer, Talion is something of an unwilling participant in this whole endeavor.

Shadow of Mordor features the unique Nemesis System, which realizes Sauron’s growing army as a self-sustaining ecosystem that bends and shapes itself both around and independently of Talion’s actions. As you hunt down Captains and Warchiefs, slaying them or turning them to fight for your own cause, the leadership structure throughout Mordor changes in randomly generated ways. Read our firsthand account of how we staged a minor coup in this pre-E3 preview.