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Soma trailer delves into the ocean depths of madness

When Frictional Games revealed that its first non-Amnesia game since 2008 would be a sci-fi horror adventure, then shared images of boxy, metal-walled rooms, many naturally leapt to the conclusion that the studio would be exploring fear in the vast emptiness of outer space. Now, with the release of the new “Lambda” trailer, the focus is clear: Soma, as the 2015 game is called, will actually explore the vast emptiness at the bottom of the ocean. 

It sure looks creepy, right? Maybe that’s just the lingering terror from having played both Amnesia games talking. We got a chance to check out Soma at the 2014 Game Developer’s Conference and then chatted with Frictional founder Thomas Grip about what’s in store. We’ll be able to share all of that with you very soon. For now, perish any hopeful thoughts you ever had of turning scuba diving into a hobby. Clearly, Frictional wants to ruin undersea fun for everyone. We can’t wait.

Soma is confirmed for a 2015 release on PC and PlayStation 4.