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The Walking Dead’s second episode trailer hints at an unwelcome homecoming

Check out our review of The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode Two: A House Divided.

Poor Clementine. We’re pretty sure that Telltale Games will allow her to keep surviving, as the star of the series’ second season, but she’s definitely not going to have a good time doing it. The season’s first episode launched in late-2013, delivering a stark reminder that life after the zombie apocalypse is horrible, and everyone you know is going to be lost or killed. There is no happiness, there is no innocence. There is only the truth of life after death, and an unending struggle to keep breathing for long enough to ensure that you don’t return from your eventual, inevitable death as a flesh-hungry monster.


This new trailer for episode two – titled A House Divided – hints at the threads from the previous episode that we’ll be picking up on in the next chapter. You’ll read no spoilers here. Needless to say, don’t watch this if you haven’t yet started Season Two.