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The Wolf Among Us – Episode Two trailer is just a game of Smoke & Mirrors

How about another look at what’s coming for The Wolf Among Us? Yesterday you got a peek at the series’ second episode, Smoke & Mirrors, in a handful of new screens, but now you can see those stills in action thanks to Telltale Games’ newly released trailer. It’s always tough with these fresh looks at Telltale episodes. You want to see what’s in store for your favorite characters, but you don’t want to spoil anything. Don’t resist. You know you want to hit play. Just do it.

The series’ first episode ended on a rather surprising – and canonical, as Telltale keeps reminding us – note. Bigby’s murder investigation is filled with questions, and you can be sure that only a few will be answered in Smoke & Mirrors. What’s more, those answers will no doubt give birth to yet more questions. That’s the way with these games. Telltale has developed quite a talent for keeping its fans on the hook.

The Wolf Among Us – Episode Two starts coming to the various platforms that support it on February 5.