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Best Video Games Music: Video Games Live in Concert

Can you hum the theme song to Super Mario Bros.? What about Mega Man?  It’s amazing how just a few notes from an old video game theme song can bring back the glorious memories of Saturday morning cartoons and  giant bowls of Captain Crunch. A simpler time: A time when bragging rights came in the form of your three initials on the highest bar of a title screen. If you liked recalling those memories, then these pictures are meant for a gamer like you: Just last weekend we attended the Video Games Live interactive symphony in Portland Oregon. The show included music clips from Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Metroid to name only a few. Here are some pictures from the Video Games Live show.

Video Games Live is showing in select venues across the country. For more information and to acquire tickets, check out the trailer for the show.