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The Bugatti Gangloff concept might be the coolest car you’ll never see

Before the Second World War, luxury cars used to have very small production runs and feature coachwork individually crafted for the wealthy few fortunate enough to buy them. Those that still survive today are often exquisite examples of automotive craftsmanship and know-how, but perhaps the most exquisite of all are the remaining examples of the Bugatti Type 57. It was this car in which Polish designer Pawel Czyzewski sought to pay tribute to with his Bugatti Gangloff concept.

Diseno-art reports that the name Gangloff comes from the French coachbuilder that created a special custom version of the Type 57 S/C Atalante in 1938. It is a slightly confusing name, since the ridge running down the middle of the concept, along with the fastback and split-window design are all features of the Bugatti Type 57 S/C Atlantic, which were not found on the Atalante.

Nomenclature issues notwithstanding, this is still a marvelously beautiful car. It isn’t strictly a reimagining of the old car either, as there are clearly some Veyron elements present in the design as well, but they work surprisingly well together. The interior borrows more heavily from the Veyron than the exterior, particularly the center console. About his creation, Czyzewski said “In times of commercial trash and plastic, it is hard to see something that has a soul and is able to squeeze out a positive mark on the heart.” He does have a point, and this just makes it all the more heart-wrenching when you think that this is just a design study, and the chances of it ever seeing production are effectively nil. Just the same, our friends over at Bugatti, if you’re listening, hire Mr. Czyzewski immediately.