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Absurd Tumblr site combines images of two celebs into crazy funny offsprings

What do graphic designers do in their spare time, when you let them exercise complete creative freedom? Well, you probably end up with something like this Tumblr site from Stockholm-based designer Kalle Mattsson. The site, Buffalo Bill Gates (via Imgur), combines half of an image with another, and it’s always a mash-up of two celebrities – both real and fictional. For example: Spockahontas (Star Trek’s Mr. Spock and Disney’s Pocahontas), Ringo Starnold Zwarzenegger (Ringo Starr and Arnold Schwarzenegger), Eminem C Hammer (rappers Eminem and MC Hammer), and Stevie Wonderwoman (Stevie Wonder and Wonder Woman).

Perhaps Buffalo Bill Gates is Mattsson’s comment on pop culture, or it’s simply a bunch of creative nonsense. Regardless, it reflects Mattsson’s direction as a graphic designer. “My starting point is that of the graphic designer, and if there is a need for an image solution, I find the right visual language, and execute it,” he writes on his personal page. “From one point of view they have nothing in common, the image maker and the graphic designer, but from another point of view, it is the same; you make things.”

It’s childishly silly but very funny – particularly the names given to the Frankenstein creations (still cracking up over Yoko Bono). Even Mattsson doesn’t seem to take it seriously. “These bastard images are all my fault. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s awful, I know. I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I’m so sorry,” he writes. If you like them enough, you can purchase a print from Mattsson.

(Images via Buffalo Bill Gates/Kalle Mattsson)

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