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BenQ FP767-12 LCD Monitor Review

Quote from the review:

“So on paper, a 12ms response time for an LCD looks quite appealing, but in order to address each of the three RGB pixel colours with liquid crystals that twist and untwist over a 12ms duration, the panel’s digital controllers have to operate in 6-bit mode rather than the more usual 8-bits. In other words, instead of 8-bits per colour (which translates into 16.7 million colours), 6-bits only serves up 262,144 colours.

Now, if you take into account the fact that the human eye can distinguish between several millions colours, you’re left with a display that responds well to moving pictures, but doesn’t perform as well when it comes to portraying colours. To get around this, however, BenQ has implemented some intricate dithering procedures to fill in those missing colours.”

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