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Fourteen accessories that make the most of your GoPro

From extendable arms to suction cup mounts, these 11 accessories help you shoot all the action

You can use a GoPro Hero to film almost anything, but you’ll need some extra gadgetry to enable those limitless possibilities. The world of GoPro accessories is almost as boundless as the camera’s potential functions. While this abundance of accessories — both from GoPro and third-party manufacturers — speaks to the company’s popularity as the go-to adventure cam, it can also be overwhelming to navigate.

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Never fear, we’re here! Think of DT as the trusty Sancho Panza to your daring Don Quixote, and we’ll steer you away from pesky second-rate accessories that might otherwise impede your adventures. Below are a few essential GoPro accessories for those who really want to expand their filming capabilities, so you’ll be best equipped to capture the moment — whether you’re filming your snow-capped ascent or just your dog on the couch.

Mounts, filters, and more

Fotodiox Pro GoTough Tripod Adapter ($10+)

Fotodiox Pro GoTough Tripod Adapter Thumb

If you own a GoPro, it’s likely that you own other cameras. That said, nearly every camera uses a 1/4-20 mount for tripods, and having a 1/4-20 adapter for your GoPro will accomplish a few things. First, you’ll be able to use your GoPro with all the camera accessories you already own. As you acquire gear, you can buy standard camera accessories and then use your GoPro with them, making your equipment more versatile since the arrangement doesn’t really work the other way around. Even if a GoPro is the only camera you own, however, having a 1/4-20 adapter allows for compatibility with even more accessories. While these little gems are available for as little as $1, we like the Fotodiox version because it’s made of aluminum, meaning it’s more durable than plastic and features threading that won’t strip as easily over time. The five different colors are a nice touch, too.

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GoPro 3-Way ($70)

GoPro 3-Way Thumb

There are a ton of GoPro sticks (we recently rounded up some of our favorites) but GoPro’s official 3-Way is particularly handy due to its multi-functionality. You can use it as a basic handle for your GoPro, as an extendable arm, or simply as a tripod. Though it doesn’t extend as far as some telescoping sticks – it moves between 7.5 and 20 inches – that actually makes it less cumbersome and lighter. The grip is also comfortable and can be detached to become an even smaller handle to your camera.

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PanaVise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit ($45)

PanaVise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit Thumb

This kit lets you quickly set up the exact mount you need for whatever situation you find yourself in. Not only is it the most versatile suction cup mount available, but it’s also incredibly secure and easy to use, thanks to the embedded ball head. It’s perfect for attaching a GoPro in or outside of a car, or even to rocks, boats, small watercraft, or anything with a relatively smooth surface. Suction cup mounts like the ActionGrip 3-N-1 really shine in high-speed situations, too, where a typical clamp just won’t hold the camera steady enough. The last thing you want is for your $400 Hero5 Black to go flying.

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Polar Pro GoPro Filter 3-Pack ($50)

PolarPro Filter and Lens Pack

Filters and lenses can greatly enhance your photography with minimal effort. Polar Pro’s three-pack is a bargain, too. The commendable bundle includes a polarizer (for filming around reflective surfaces like snow and water), a macro lens (for filming up-close), and a neutral density filter (which slows down the shutter speed for smoother motion in bright lighting). All three are a snap to attach to and remove from the camera.

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Knog Qudos Action Video Light for GoPro ($94+)

Knog Qudos Action Video Light for GoPro Thumb

We love Knog and we love nocturnal activities, so it only make sense that we turn on our Qudos action light to illuminate our filming when the sun goes down. The mighty little light is waterproof up to 131 feet (40 meters) and features different light settings that allow the output to fluctuate between 70 and 400 lumens. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery and comes bundled with a camera mount bracket, meaning you don’t have to buy a separate gadget to attach it to your camera.

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EVO GP Handheld Gimbal ($280)

EVO GP Handheld Gimbal Thumb

Ever wonder why amateur action-cam videos make you feel sick? It’s because older cameras like the Hero4 lack any software or hardware image stabilization (the new Hero5 Black introduces electronic IS). The EVO GP is a powered, three-axis gimbal that uses high-torque motors to keep your GoPro steady as you move. The buttons on the handle allow for smooth control over pan and tilt, too, so you can keep the camera aimed where you want it. You can also use the GP’s internal battery to extend your GoPro’s battery life up to seven hours when connected via Mini USB. While $300 certainly isn’t cheap, keep in mind that this is the same technology used to stabilize cinema cameras in Hollywood productions. (Watch out, EVO: GoPro introduced its Karma Stabilizer and Grip, a three-axis gimbal that also sells for $300. It goes on sale on October 23.)

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TurnsPro ($99)

The TurnsPro mount helps with more dynamic time-lapse shots by adding some motion into the mix – think of the opening credits of House of Cards. You can set the mount on a sturdy surface, like a table, or use it with a tripod. You can also adjust the settings to accommodate for how you want to film, whether for 20 seconds or 10 hours, and how much you want the camera to rotate. The TurnsPro is reasonably priced, too, and can work both vertically and horizontally if attached to a tripod. Plus it can be used with your DSLR and mobile phone as well as your GoPro. For a simpler time-lapse mount that’s even easier to use, we like the Scenelapse from GoPole.

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GoPro Chesty ($38)

GoPro Chesty

When you want to take POV shots from a lower angle without using your hands, the Chesty is your best bet. Helmet mounts (included with GoPro cameras) are great, but not all activities require one, and sometimes you don’t want footage that swivels and turns along with your head. This adjustable chest contraption is ideal for highlighting your hands, whether you’re playing piano or biking, allowing you to capture actions shots from the center of your chest. We’ve even seen these at food and wine fests, which is a testament to their versatility and comfort. The Chesty is available for kids, and there’s an alternative body strap that goes over your head.

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GoPro Fetch ($38+)

If the Chesty is for humans, then GoPro’s Fetch is for man’s best friend. The Fetch is one of the coolest mounts for dog owners, as it gives you a look at the world from your dog’s point of view. The contraption allows you to place your camera either on your dog’s back or just below its chest, depending on how you want to arrange things. The harness is also washable, so Fido can roll in the mud all he likes. Finally, you get to see what your dog has been up to when you aren’t around.


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