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Get your duck face on: The 10 best selfie sticks

Whether you get your duck face ready when you hear the words “selfie stick” or you release a loud groan, you’ll be pleased to know that the popular camera accessory gets better and better every day. With new options and configurations, extra functionality, and sturdy build quality, we rounded up some of our favorite selfie sticks for catching group or solo shots, anywhere and anytime.

Sellfie ($45)


The Sellfie is an impressively featured selfie stick, compatible with a large number of iOS and Android devices. This stick reaches out up to 3.2 feet, with a rotating mount change up the angles. If you have an Android phone, you can use the buttons on the handle to adjust the zoom on the rear camera.

Available at: Amazon

Smatree Telescopic ($20)

Smatree Telescopic

Smartphones aren’t the only option for snapping selfies. If you have a GoPro, you can attach it to the Smatree Telescopic for action shots on the mountain or the trail. You can also use the included clamp mount for your smartphone. The remote is also detachable.

Available at: Amazon

Polaroid Camera Extender ($18)

Polaroid Camera Extender

If you don’t have a forward-facing screen, you might feel a little left out of the selfie stick trend. With its offering, Polaroid simply stuck a mirror at the end of the stick so you can see what’s on the screen of your smartphone or digital camera. There’s no button, but it’s one of your few options if you use a point-and-shoot camera.

Available at: Amazon

Everyday Selfie Stick ($25)

Everyday Selfie Stick

Sturdy enough for your iOS and Android phone, but lightweight enough for everyday use, you can throw this selfie stick in your bag and take it everywhere. At less than half a pound, the Everyday extends out to 44 inches and shrinks back down to only nine. A handle-mounted shutter button makes it easy to snap shots over Bluetooth.

Available at: Amazon

Gorilla Gear Complete Selfie Kit ($25)

Gorilla Gear Selfie Kit

Gorilla Gear takes the selfie stick a step further, including extra accessories that will quickly transform you into a self-portrait pro. Besides the stick itself, the kit includes a mini tripod for stable shots and a Bluetooth remote so you can snap a quick pic with one hand, wherever you are.

Available at: Amazon

SeaLife AquaPod ($69)

SeaLife AquaPod

If you want to take your selfie game to the next level, you must first master the very advanced and possibly dangerous underwater selfie. It’s compatible with any SeaLife camera, as well as any camera with a standard tripod mount. It also comes equipped with a rubber grip and lanyard so you don’t lose it under the sea.

Available at: Amazon

GoRad Gear ANIMAS ($45)


The ANIMAS is a little on the heavier side, but it’s worth it for the waterproof, sturdy construction. It’s designed for GoPro cameras, and is probably a little better suited to extreme sports and mountaineering than taking group shots in the park. At its longest, the ANIMAS reaches out to 40 inches, and collapses back down to 17.

Available at: Amazon

Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick ($50)


The Extendable Monopod builds the controls right into the handle for easy access, with Android and iOS support, and a rechargeable battery that lasts more than 100 hours of continuous use. The lightweight aluminum alloy pole is sturdy, but won’t weigh your bag down too much. It collapses down to 16 inches.

Available at: Amazon

Ace3C Rhythm Pro ($50)

Ace3C Rhythm Pro

With a selection of different mounts and attachments included, the Ace3C Rhythm Pro is a selfie stick that’s compatible with almost any kind of camera and smartphone you want to use it with. It also has a detachable remote for those moments when you can’t hold the stick yourself and a tripod mount for the bottom.

Available at: Amazon

Belfie Stick ($80)


The Belfie Stick is a camera accessory with only one thing on its mind. The crucial change to the Belfie is the addition of a hinge in the center that lets you get those over-the-shoulder selfies you’ve always craved, and giving everyone a great shot of your backside. It’s not for sale yet, but preorders are being taken now.

Available at: Belfie Stick