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Casetagram adds a new way for Instagram artists to monetize

A year or two ago, we would have rolled our eyes at hearing “Instagram” and “artist” used together, but as yesterday’s Instagram-only music video would prove, the little photo app that could is an amazing tool for creativity. So much so that Casetagram, the guys behind one of those customizable Instagram phone and tablet cases, will reward you just for creating your own Instagram case. Consider our ears perked.

If you see your personal Instagram stream your own personal art gallery, the Casetagram Challenge offers you the opportunity to put together designs based off the site’s templates. Submitted entries between now and December 31 will be showcased in the Artist Collections hub of the site and viewers can vote on their favorite layouts. The winner can get their designs sold and make money off their mobile art, along with a $100 Casetagram gift card.

This should go without saying, but entries should contain only original art and not a manual Instagram of something you found on the Web and transferred to your phone. From the looks of it, it sounds like an easy way to make a few bucks if you think your iPhoneography has the chops. Again, the contest ends when the year does so get a move on and maybe you’ll get our vote.