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Casio Updates Exilim Line of Cameras

Casio is breathing some new life into their popular Exilim line of digital cameras. They announced today three new models: The EX-Z70, EX-Z700 and EX-S770. All are 7.2 megapixel cameras that are bothaffordable and pack a lot of power. They’re not only great entry level digital cameras, but can also meet the demands of picky photographers.

“The EX-Z70 has a large 2.5-inch LCD, features Easy Mode, a user friendly camera menu for beginners, features the Casio-exclusive eBay mode, and an old photo mode to restore old photographs andcomes in black and silver and retails for $249.99.
The EX-Z700 features a 2.7-inch LCD, new best shot modes-auto framing, keeping active children in the center of the photo as they are moving around, in addition to layout shot which allowsphotographers to combine multiple shots of friends taken with the same scenic backdrop into a single collage or even mix shots with different compositions to create a single artistic layout. This camera also features eBay mode.  It will be available in blue, silver and gray for $299.99.
And finally, the S770 features a 2.8-inch LCD, wide-aspect movies (can record 16:9 ratio movies compatible with wide-screen TVs with a simple press of the movie button).  It also has a new datastorage function, which enables computer data – including business documents, emails and web pages – to be automatically converted to JPEG format and transferred to the camera.  Italso features eBay mode.  This camera comes in silver, blazing red and graphite blue and will hit the market for $379.99.”

A release date hasn’t been confirmed but you can expect these new models to hit the market sometime in September. The S770 is a big step-forward for Casio with its ability to record in 16:9.