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Epson unveils two new scanners

Epson is making it very easy for people who want to preserve and share memories to restore their old photos with the introduction of two new EPSON Perfection scanners. The EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTOand the EPSON Perfection 1670 PHOTO offer an incredible combination of image quality, versatility and innovative photo restoration software at an affordable price. These new scanners are joiningEpson’s award-winning scanner product line and will both be available this August for less than $200.

The EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO will be added to the scanner line up, while the EPSON Perfection 1670 PHOTO replaces the popular EPSON Perfection 1660 PHOTO scanner. The Perfection 3170 PHOTO and1670 PHOTO deliver impressive maximum hardware resolutions: 3200 x 6400 dpi on the Perfection 3170 PHOTO and 1600 x 3200 dpi on the Perfection 1670 PHOTO. The scanners each feature 48-bit color depthfor remarkable color accuracy and offer fast scanning speeds with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for scanning photos, text and graphics with ease. Both models include exclusive Epson Easy Photo Fix technology,which provides customers with fully-automatic scanning, one-touch color restoration of faded photos, slides and negatives, and one-touch dust removal from slides and negatives.
“Many of us don’t realize that the old photographs that have been passed down to us and accumulated through the years may be fading with each passing year,” said Grace Huang, assistant productmanager, consumer scanners, Epson. “By using these new Epson scanners with Epson Easy Photo Fix technology, customers can restore and preserve their treasured photographs with a simple click of abutton.”

    The EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO

The EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO is the best choice for an image-driven individual who is looking for a premium quality scanner at an extremely affordable price. This scanner delivers outstandingresults with its true 3200 hardware dpi resolution, 48-bit scanning and its built-in slide and film strip adapter for conveniently making duplicates or enlargements from 35 mm slides and negatives,and even medium format transparencies. The scanner is also equipped with an automated four-button interface with each button operating a different function — Start, Scan to Web, Copy, and E-mail –making it easy for customers to scan images quickly and easily into these pre-programmed applications.

The EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO enables customers to tackle creative projects and challenging tasks with its full-featured creative software bundle that includes: Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) Elements 2.0,EPSON Smart Panel(TM) and Epson Scan featuring new Epson Easy Photo Fix technology.
The Perfection 3170 PHOTO will be available in August for an estimated street price of $199, and can be purchased through Epson authorized dealers, consumer electronic stores, mail order, and on theEpson Store Web site (http://www.epsonstore.com/). For added versatility, this scanner model also offers an optional automatic document feeder (ADF) for anestimated street price of $199.

    The EPSON Perfection 1670 PHOTO

The EPSON Perfection 1670 PHOTO scanner is perfect for home or office environments with its economical price and ease of use. This scanner delivers resolution of 1600 x 3200 dpi for capturing andreproducing images with incredible detail and accuracy. This scanner also utilizes easy, four-button automated scanning and offers a convenient built-in 35 mm slide and film strip adapter forscanning multiple slides and negatives.
The Perfection 1670 PHOTO includes user-friendly software such as Epson Scan featuring Epson Easy Photo Fix technology, which makes scanning and restoring old photos, slides and negatives simple andfun. In addition to Easy Photo Fix, the EPSON Perfection 1670 PHOTO comes with several other software titles including:, ArcSoft PhotoImpression(TM), EPSON Smart Panel(TM), ABBYY(R) FineReader(R)Sprint and NewSoft(TM) Presto!(R) Biz Card.
The EPSON Perfection 1670 PHOTO is Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compatible for fast connectivity on most systems. This scanner will be available in August for an estimated street price of $129 and can bepurchased through Epson authorized dealers, consumer electronic stores, mail order, and on the Epson Store Web site (http://www.epsonstore.com/).

    More about EPSON Easy Photo Fix Technology

It is hard to imagine, but there are billions of photographs in existence either being stored in albums, frames, or shoeboxes and many of them are showing signs of fading or have already faded. Thereare several factors which can cause photos to fade, including processing chemicals, paper types and various environmental factors. These fading memories can now be easily and affordably restored withthe Epson Easy Photo Fix software in the EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO and 1670 PHOTO.
The EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO and 1670 PHOTO are the first scanners to include Epson Easy Photo Fix technology, which provides customers with an easy one-touch solution for restoring color to oldphotographs, negatives and slides, and removing dust from old slides and negatives. Customers simply scan an image and click on a check box for instant color restoration or dust removal. Epson EasyPhoto Fix makes this process effortless since it is incorporated into the Epson Scan driver. The software has three different user modes: Full Auto mode, which automatically scans at pre-determinedsettings for entry-level users; Home mode, which offers some pre-set recommended settings for the advanced amateur; and Professional mode, which is completely manual to give the advanced user morecontrol.

    More about EPSON Smart Panel Software

The EPSON Perfection 3170 and 1670 scanner models include the next generation of EPSON Smart Panel software, a comprehensive program that fully integrates all functions of the scanner into oneconvenient interface. This intuitive software has an improved user interface which provides customers with the tools necessary to scan photos, text or graphics with ease. Some of the functions thatare incorporated into the Smart Panel are:

Copy Utility for easily making multiple copies of text and photos
Reprint Photos for easily printing, enlarging and/or restoring color photos, negatives and slides
Scan to Web for automatically scanning images to the EPSON PhotoCenter, the Epson photo sharing Web site
Scan and Save for converting files and easily organizing images and documents
Scan to E-mail for attaching photos to e-mails
Scan to OCR for converting documents to editable text file
Scan to Creativity for the creation of greeting cards, calendars and other creative applications
Scan to Application for directly scanning into a favorite application
Scan to Business Card for scanning business cards to create a virtual rolodex

    Customer Support

Carrying a one-year limited warranty, the EPSON Perfection line of scanners are supported by the EPSON Connection, a customer support and technical assistance line. For more information on Epson andits products, call 1-800-GO-EPSON (1-800-463-7766) or visit the Epson website at http://www.epson.com/.