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Go 3D with StereoVision’s 3D VuCam

Go 3D with StereoVision

California’s StereoVision Imaging today announced its 3D VuCam, combining two 3.1 megapixel cameras with binocular optics into a handheld unit which can capture stereo 3D images even at significant distances.

The 3D VuCam offers operates as a full function 4×80 binocular, offering fully coated optics for sharp images. The 3D VuCam offers a 8× magnification, enabling capture of 3D stereo images at distances of up to 150 feet. Once captures using the two oneboard 3.1 megapixel cameras, images can be previed on the 3D VuCam’s pop-up transflective LCD display or transfered to a PC for 3D viewing, printing, or import into 3D software and visualization programs. The 3D VuCam offers USB 2.0 connectivity, a rather skimpy 128 MB compact flash memory slot, a tripod mount, and an S-Video connector for sending images to television or projectors.

“The 3D VuCAM is a revolutionary product that is years ahead of any other method of capturing 3D images,” said Beverly Sutherland, SteroVision’s Director of Marketing, in a statement. “Our eyes are a natural system of 3D viewing and the 3D VuCAM, with its binocular optics and patented technology, enables users to capture true stereo images.”

Yes, users can view 3D images on PC displays using those oh-so-hip anaglyph glasses, but 3D fans can also display them on auto-stereoscopic displays, 3D polarized displays, or on 3D projection systems. So if you’re itching to get into the world of 3D photography, maybe to take unique photographs of special events, do surveillance work, or capture 3D images for use with CAD or rendering technologies, maybe check out the 3D VuCAm. But bring your checkbook: the 3D VuCam is available from StereoVision Imaging for $1,995.95.