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Easily stabilize and export your Live Photos with Google's new photo app

Apple might have created its Live Photos image capture format, but that doesn’t mean others can’t make the most of it through third-party apps.

Recently, Google launched its latest photography-centric app, Motion Stills. Designed specifically for iOS, this app is meant to bring a slew of new features to Apple’s Live Photos format by improving the image capture and simplifying the process of sharing the resulting images.

Available for free in the iOS App Store, Motion Stills uses a clever collection of algorithms and AI to analyze the photos and data captured in the Live Photos format. Using this data and imagery, Motion Stills can process the Live Photos in a collection of creative ways.

Not only is Motion Stills able to stabilize the video captured before and after the still by processing the frames that are the most in-focus and detailed, it’s also capable of determining the best beginning and end point for the loop of the video.

Without so much as pressing a button, Motion Stills will automatically sort through your Live Photos and get all of the dirty work done behind the scenes. Below is an example clip of the stabilization feature in action:

Another problem Motion Stills covers is the lack of cross-platform support. Only recently have MacOS users been able to view Live Photos on their computers and Android support is all but nonexistent with the exception of a few third-party apps.

Instead of relying on the unusual format, Motion Stills simplifies the process by letting you export the resulting movie clips as either a short video or animated GIF, both of which can be shared across almost any platform imaginable.

Apple will apparently address a few Live Photos issues in the upcoming iOS 10 update, such as Live Photos stabilization, but the video and GIF export options have yet to be mentioned at all. So, until then, it looks like Motion Stills is your best bet for making the most of your Live Photos.